Sunday, 16 August 2009

Cream Crackered.

A corker of a day.

Started at 6:30am and finished about 10 minutes ago - at least for Rye. This is the earliest he's been in bed for quite some time.

Today we've been carbooting and we all got an impressive haul, especially Rye, who was spoilt rotten by his faux Aunties' J and V. Then we picnic'd on the beach at Hythe, Rye, is very taken with V's daughter Kerry; except he calls her "Harry". He has been like her little shadow all day :-)

I think we arrived back at J's about half four/five o'clock. This evening we had a bbq, which was just lovely and then finally with V and her daughter's help, we carried our loot back home. Rye's had a bath - he was one very grubby little boy and into bed for the little man.

I am cream crackered; wonderful day though, really relaxing and Rye, bless him, is very taken with V's daughter. It was really very cute how he followed her around and kept asking her to play with him.

It's been one of those glorious days where its busy and fun packed but nothing is structured or timetabled. I even had the opportunity to lay on the beach and shut my eyes for five minutes - pure luxury.


Jacqui said...

Sounds like a great day J - hope you get some well earned rest.
I noticed James was flapping about with his left foot (it was his left leg that he broke) i mentioned it to the physio when we were there last week and he checked his trainers and they were too wide round the ankles. Good old clarks! anyway, he said trainers were not very good for toddlers and that bare feet or finer shoes were the best thing for him We got him meaured again at another shop - Start-rite nd he is in a larger but slimmer fitting - no more flapping! He also said soft play was good for improving their balance and co-ordination as was balancing on 2 stacked pillows. Sorry for the long comment. xx

Joxy said...

Interestingly, at the beach this afternoon, Rye was playing on some big boulders while shoeless and he was exceptionally surefooted. He definitely is muc better when he doesn't have shoes on. I do need to get him measured to be sure of his size, unfortunately Clarks in Folkestone only has the machine and he won't stand in it; goes beserk, so I'll have to see if there's anywhere else locally.