Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A normal day.

An odd sensation.  Christmas is almost upon us and apart from looking forward to seeing my friend and my brother and his family, I have no particular festive feeling - mainly owing to Rye spending the festival with his dad.  I'm a bit of a loss how to reply to the numerous well meaning and friendly persons who asks me if Rye is excited about Christmas, speak to him about Santa, being good and all that stuff.  I don't really feel like sharing the dynamic of my family so I smile and wish them "Merry Christmas".  Explaining that we celebrate the winter solstice gets me a slightly strained, "Oh, one of those", types of smile and they look at Rye with pity.  I suppose they think he's missing out on the magic of Christmas... personally, I think being a pagan family means that magic is with us the entire year; each turn of the season brings it's own magic.  But hey, I'm biased :-)

Today after C's mum dropped her off at 11am, we had snacks and then moosied down into the village again, mainly so I could bank a couple of cheques.  It was also a perfect opportunity to try out the "seat to go", which I spent HOURS last night fiddling with to get it fixed onto the buggy properly.  Rye was immediately impressed and enjoyed alternating between sitting and standing.  It is a little awkward, pity my buggy handles aren't a bit higher, but otherwise it was fine and I loved that Rye was there in between my arms and we could share observations easily.

Popped into the bakery and Rye asked for a snowman buscuit - which he has yet to eat because he just walks around with it, telling me it's a snowman lol.

A stop at the park was, of course, a given.

However the ominious sky cut short the fun, (and it was cold and C had woken up)

A wee bit further up the path you can see in the background, there's Cheriton Bowls Club, and in it's car park a fabulously large puddle just calling for splashing;

The waterproof trousers did their job wonderfully... the boots however are not puddle splashing waterproof oops.
Then home to fish pie with veggies, afterwards C being picked up by her mum, and Rye pooped dosing on the sofa... in fact I think I shall go and see if I can get him into bed.   Hopefully giving me time to knock up a scarf for the SIL.


Fiona said...

Love the puddle pics and the snowman biscuit story. I was reading it to Sofie (age 4), and she wants to know if our bakery also sell snowman biscuits! I will have to check tomorrow.

Liz said...

We also find these days a bit weird. For us, the main celebration is past, most of the presents have been given, the children have had and opened their stockings and our family have been for our celebratory meal. We do celebrate the whole Yule season from the solstice to New Year's Day, but definitely the biggest part of that is the solstice, so it is strange when everyone else is still in the madness and excitement of the run-up to Christmas, and it is past for us.
I hope you have a relaxing time while Rye's at his Dad's anyway and try to enjoy the child-free time.

Mon said...

"magic is with us the entire year"

yup, yup. ;)

Glad Solstice was nice and cuddly and stress-free.

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure there is such a thing as boots that keep my babes feet dry. :)
over, seeping, underneath, through the laces...
somehow they manage to splash very thoroughly!!

nocton4 said...

much love to an inspiring mama