Sunday, 15 January 2012

Natural unschooling.

 I've been toying with adding in more structure, in part because of Rye almost certainly being
aspergers, I am informed that such children thrive with routine and structure
I look at our days though, and I wonder...
 He is loving the connecting straws and building more and more
complicated structures.
Nervous mama has given him unrestricted access to scissors.
And as a consequence his scissor skills are improving dramatically.
Came back from hanging out laundry to find with a 
Thomas the Tank Engine first handwriting book.
(and yes he loves the "new" chair)
For Aunty Jen - a citiblock aeroplane.
A house, which he's played with all evening, creatively
and also working out scenarios.
We've been discussing quite a bit what happens should we ever loose each other in town
Rye finds it distressing to talk about, yet this evening he was telling the figures
"If you get lost go into a shop and tell the person at the till you're lost and I'll find you"
Making cake.

We've also watched short videos on meerkats and bat earred foxes on National Geographic Kids
he's played with mindie, and shared beautifully.
He's played with playdough 
He's sung songs
He's asked questions

But the most important thing......

He's happy.


Anne B said...


Hope you don't mind me commenting on first sight of your blog, which a friend recommended to me, but I have 2 High Functioning Autistic children (like Aspergers but later speech and natural loners) and I would dispute the assumption that all Aspies and Auties thrive on routine and structure.

Mine do, as long as their wants and needs are part of the picture but I know a lot of children on the autistic spectrum who don't.

What you are doing is working really well for him, so if I were you I'd keep right on doing it. If it stops working, try something else. I've found this is an excellent rule of thumb for parenting children on the autistic spectrum and suspect it'd work pretty well for most children.

Joxy said...

Thanks Anne. :-)

Does seem a bit mad to fix what isn't broken, doesn't it. So yes, we am going to continue as we am.

And welcome :-)