Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Dentist.

To be rather crude, I've been cacking myself.
A rather traumatic experience with a dentist as achild left with a phobia that I only started to get over when a tooth crumble and I couldn't stand the pain any longer (some 20 years later).  These days I am scared but not drop into a dead faint at the sight of the dentist chair terrified.  I even managed to sit back and stomach the Dentist today cleaning my teeth with that horrid little drill thing they use to remove plaque.  I jumped a few times - but as Rye was in the room I had to be brave.  And I have had more invasive procedures done as an adult - that and excellent dentists, is what has enabled me to be just knee knockingly afraid these days.

Rye however, had no compunction about creating a scene and screamed blue murder at the top his lungs - although managed to do it with an amazingly shut mouth so we couldn't look at his teeth easily.  I think I spied a the golden husk from a popped corn around one of his molars so I agree with the Dentist's summation that their is probably a piece of food stuck in that's caused an abcess, hence the horrific bleeding when I try to clean his teeth.  (It pours out of his mouth, makes me feel really panicky), alas, Rye's utter determination not to the let the dentist get anywhere near his mouth, meant the only advice he could give me was to try and remove the item myself - or leave it to work it's way out itself.   I was going to do it tonight - but actually, thinking about it, I'll leave it till tomorrow when it's nice and bright so I can see better.

Anyway, the squash curry I chucked in the slowc ooker is smelling delightful - hopefully the veggies are all cooked and we can enjoy curry and rice.


Jax said...

oh dear. I have a dentist phobia too, and it's meant I haven't tried as hard as I should to find a dentist since we've moved :(

Becks said...

Hope you manage to loosen it tomorrow. Good luck and brave man vibes coming your way. xx

Joxy said...

Thanks, thing we are going to need them.. if only I could really give those teeth a good bruth it would probably come free - but it's obviously tender and once it starts to bleed even Rye gets a bit "Ewwwwwy".

I've got to get rid of it though, seeing him spit out mouthfuls of blood this morning made me feel really queasy - not the sight of, that doens't bother me.. but rather my little baby bleeding that much :( I just felt so helpless :(