Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Crazy Addictions.

Well I've done it; and I'm a bit suprised and shocked just how panicky I feel and the jittery feeling of wanting to log straight back into FB and cancel my deletion request.

Makes me all the more certain this is the right decision.  While I will miss so many people on FB, especially those who do not have a blog, and miss reading their updates, it really does impede on my precious time for crafting, reading, heck having a bath.  I've also become aware that I quite often feel jittery when I am painting, crocheting, or whatever I'm doing that is not online because I find myself wondering what people have written, what have folks got going on.  I suppose because in a sense I used FB for company somewhere to share those moments with folks, that perhaps I would share with a partner if I had one? 

But anyway,  there you go I'm once again FB - less.


Earthmummy xx said...

Oh thats why your comments on my status vanished! Now it looks like I'm talking to myself ;)

Dawn said...

Just think of all that spare time you'll have now.

I've never registered on FB, hubby does but not on all the time, but I was shocked at how much time he said some people are on there - updating constantly. Have far more things I'd rather be doing.

Enjoy your extra crafting or reading time or whatever you choose. xx

Joxy said...

LOL sorry Earthmummy, I didn't realise all comments were unmade. But yes I've decided to unplug a little.

Shell said...

Think I need to undo too but I'm not sure I'm brave enough :o(

Valerie said...

I really wouldnt miss FB at all. I find that most of the time people add you then you hardly hear from them. I hear from my real friends via personal emails anyway. In fact, being a bit of an old hermit I hate feeling obliged to answer people and I always ignore the games or silly quizes or other requests. mind you, I find the phone a pain in the butt sometimes too and I hardly ever have my mobile on. In fact its a wonder I made a fb account in the first place.

Talie said...

Good for you Jacq! I'd do it too but now that I've got my website up and running I'm finding that FB is a valuable source of customers for me so I feel a little bound to it now :{

It does eat into valuable time. I've found that lately FB time has taken over blog time (and forum time!) and I just don't seem to write any half decent posts anymore let alone get a chance to catch up on other people's. There are a few peeps who aren't on FB who I really feel I've ignored recently and that makes me feel bad :-(
Going to make the effort a bit more now and just keep FB to keep the CB page going I think.

Enjoy all that time you've just freed up hun ;-)

San said...

Well done, I ditched FB months ago, not that I had a enormous " friends" list, LOL!!

Occasionally I have to step back from the GP forum too, especially if the house looks like it's suffering from lack of attention, also I must get on with the Christmas crafting!
Hugs San x

sue said...

well done joxy, I know how you feel about the time thing and also constantly wondering if you are missing something. I am also thinking of deleting FB mainly as I dont think I want to read rubbish about my kids friends etc.

Becks said...

Good for you J.
And I think you are far too interesting a person for me to feel that your FB updates did you justice. Much rather follow your blog and here about your days.
Blessings to you and Rye.

mel said...

Woot! I took the plunge myself last year and deleted the sodding thing -- big time-suck, yeah....and it was way past the delightful discovery of people I had lost touch with.

Congrats to's a big thing...

Chris said...

Hi how are you? Love your blog much better than FB I will miss seeing what you are baking I will try to remember to check in and see what you guys are up to. Finished up jam making for this year unless I can get some more local peaches. Made a dozen jars of grape those will be going in Christmas gift baskets. Its time to get back in to scrapbook room and make christmas cards.

Joxy said...

Hey Chris - noted your email :-) Thanks. Oh, and if you use google reader it should email you when I update the blog; then you can either read it through googlereader or just click through to the blog.

Hehehe I do often mention what I'm cooking and baking on here, plus recipes quite often too.
Peach jam sounds lovely, really lovely. Mmmm.

I think we'll continue our tradition of making a little tree ornament for friends and family rather than sending out Christmas cards. Might even be organised enough to send to everyone this time ;-)

Right another coffee and then I better sort the house out as I have a prospective client coming to chat to me tomorrow :-)