Wednesday, 29 September 2010

And it just keeps growing....

My yarn stash that is; postie knocked on the door today with this:

There is more yarn winging its way to me, at least I hope, I confess I am beginning to loose patience with First4Yarn  I ordered £25 worth of yarn and a new hook on the 31st August and I've still not received my order.  I had called a few weeks ago and was told some of the yarn I'd ordered was not in stock but there was a delivery expected the following week.  Hmmm.  Give it a few more days and then call again, I guess.

I do so love yarn.  Ok this is acrylic and I am a bit of a yarn snob and do prefer natural fibres - but for affordability and versatility, acrylic does have it's uses.  The chunky yarns, top right, are lovely and soft and I reckon will make a lovely snuggly shawl.  Ohhhh, and as I plan to tackle socks soon, I've also found some Latex liquid to dot on the bottom of the socks to prevent arse over tit syndrome, on laminate floors ;-)  I bought it from Opitec Crafts

Today has been a mix bag.  High of receiving a parcel, low of being stuck inside with the kids because of the rain - soon everyone will have waterproofs though, and we can go and jump in puddles galore.  I also have another parent coming to see me on Friday for a chat, so I've been printing off my policies (and realised I've somehow deleted my child protection policy, sigh) and putting together brochures and information on my setting.  Germs have been assaulting me too, 4000mg of vit C, echina and lemon and honey helped to soothe a very tender throat.  And this evening I was suppose to go to Stitch and Bitch group, but my babysitter let me down.  I am rather miffed, mainly because I'm not entirely sure he would have called to say he wasn't coming, had I not called his home.  Thankfully, I had decided I'd wait until he arrived before I called for a taxi; otherwise I would have had a taxi sat outside for 15 mins while I waited on him.  I'll have a chat with his mam later - hehehe not often tactful, but I thought voicing my irritation to her 16yr old son was probably not a good idea, and be better to speak to her.  Still, not the end of the world, there's always next week.

To finish on a high note (and pardon the pun):
Our song and music time this afternoon.  The kids really enjoyed it; so much so that much of the afternoon was interspersed with requests for "more songs". 


Valerie said...

I ordered wool from there weeks ago too and I thought it must have gone to our old address, but maybe its like yours and very late, I will have to look into it now. Very sweet photo too, and I love those trousers, lots of shops seem to have no imagination when it comes to boys clothes, its great to see something other than jeans or combat-esq style.

Joxy said... Not bad prices either :-)

arwen_tiw said...

Haha lovely - I am seriously "getting" the Waldorf singing day thing - SERIOUSLY getting it. I have "sung" Morgan's socks on and given them magic tickles every morning and PRAISE HEAVEN she is wearing footwear again! I sing them into the bath and out again, sing them in from the garden and into and out of activities. It is flippin amazing!

Can I also add a little lol that a post about addiction is followed by a post about more yarn... ;)

Talie said...

That is poor service hun! I'd have cancelled my order before now I think ;-)
That chunky yarn in the top right looks lovely. Makes me want to get my needles out now. Hey that reminds me, I found a lady in the next street who's prepared to teach me Crochet!

I've got a pair of waterproof overalls free to a good home if you're interested hun. They would probably fit Rye for a bit as they have adjustable straps. Let me know and I'll pop them in the post for you.

LMAO at the arse over tit syndrome btw :-D

Joxy said...

Hehe Sarah, there is a slight chance I may have a yarn problem...mind, I only picked up 3 balls today from the yarn shop..

And yes the singing is helping here too, although I still feel a bit of a numbpety - not that great at singing it has to be said - thankfully young children do not seem to be that critical ;-)

Ohhh Talie, yes please, love to take the water proofs off your hands :-) It is poor service isn't it. I have just got back from town and there's a note to say the postie tried to deliver a parcel... so I'm hoping that was the yarn. I can't think of anything else I'm expecting.

Roof said...

Hi there - those yarns are very beautiful colours :)
And, yes, we all think the Autumn man a couple of posts down is a reet charmer - loving the leaf colours.
Hope mine little package arrives soon for you, xx

Dawn said...

Oh I can't believe that of First4yarn - I've ordered from them before and never had any troubles, have been to their shop too and they are lovely people. Must just be a delay in them getting the stock.

Hope you get rid of the bugs soon xx

Joxy said...

Oh I am glad Roof. Ohhh, that could be the parcel that the postman left a note for today, then. :-)

Good to know First4yarn is usually better than this. I was beginning to wonder if I'd been ripped off - especially as they processed the payment a few days after the order was placed.

Valerie said...

Re the singing, I discovered a while ago that I could get through a nappy change fuss free if I sang to Oscar, I was so delighted to find a way to avoid the one arm pin down nappy change lol