Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Bill.

Horrifying - it talks of 4 hour inspections and an 8 hour inspection at the end of the yearly registration. 
It makes all sorts of claims that they cannot possibly know, and are just guessing at.  For instance, the proposals claim that children who are not known to LA's are more likely to be receiving a poor standard of education.... how anyone can know this is beyond me.  (HE section is from page 83)

Oh and those inspections.. it talks of them being with the child - no mention of parents/carers being present.

It's been suggested that the bill is so awful because Labour knows they won't win the next election and are just sticking it to the Conservatives, and don't expect these measures to actually become law.... and you know, I find that even more depresssing - it's just so, so, so.. childish!

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Laura said...

This is just so scary. Thanks for sharing.