Saturday, 21 November 2009

Slothful Saturday.

Practising those pre-reading skills inbetween playing drums, riding sidney and snacking on some brain food :-)

Playing with the brio trains/track, making muffins and a novel way to sift flour
Vegetable curry pie for tea, with mild curry sauce or "gravey", as Rye insisted on calling, and boiled potatoes and kale.  A game of "Crash" in the garden - i.e. seeing how many things he can run the dumper truck into before this mama insists he stops.
And the hair.  I'm slowly getting use to it, although it's nothing like I hoped and this colour doesn't suit me very well - but for now, it will have to do.


Eoforhild said...

I love the way you have edited your photos.

Joxy said...

Thanks, I'd taken quite a lot of photos and I thought ti would look better as collages.
I used this website to do it: