Tuesday, 27 April 2010

What a day!


Tuesdays, termtime, is swimming.  Today, I met my friend, Sarah and the twins and we walked down to the pool, taking a rather round the houses route - my fault, oops.  Today was also quite warm, Rye was on his bike, C in the pushchair, and me huffing and puffing pushing the chair.

I've not walked down before, and really it was ok; although I think perhaps slightly too far for me at the mo, as I was rather shattered by the time we got there; and it did take us a long time, in part because I thought we could avoid the main road, and well, got a bit lost lol.  Rye had a melt down, because I was nagging him to stay away from the edge of the pavement, (very busy road), and Sarah was asking him to either ride behind her, or stay ahead, rather than keep stopping smack bang in front of her double buggy.  In hindsight, the bike was a not the best idea, my thinking was that he would be fine doing the 2 miles, but he wasn't... and coming back, we'd barely walked five minutes before it was clear he wasn't going to be able to do the 2 miles back.

So I took Rye on the bus to the high street, Sarah walked because the double buggy just won't fit on the buses here, and then we met back up at the main shopping area of Cheriton and walked back to hers, while also taking turns to dip into charity shops.  Rye had another melt down, I had a melt down at him, and everyone was frazzled, hot, thirsty and tired.

But I have got head of myself.... the real stinker to all this, was when we finally arrived at the pool. (12:30, so it took us about an hour to walk down - oops), we discovered that courses have started up in the training pool, and so we only were allowed an half hour swim, which really wasn't enough.  I thought it a bit cheeky to still charge us the £2.30 too.  Also the pool was running a deal where you received a swim and meal for £5. the poster clearly states Monday to Friday.. but the fella on the reception desk, came back and said it was only on Thursdays.  Rubbish, but I was too tired to argue.

Once in the pool though we did have a lovely swim... and we did have a lovely meal afterwards, and began the walking back saga.

Miffed about our Tuesday swimming session, I've emailed the HE group to advise them and to say we need to change the date.  I think Rye and myself will be swimming twice a week; because I cannot see a day that would be suitable for my friend and the boys.  I don't mind though, Rye loves swimming now and my charge, after a shakey start, really got into swimming and had a lovely time.

Once home, I took Rye straight to bed, and within minutes of getting into bed he was asleep.  Not even a story, he was so bushwacked.  Tomorrow, I think we'll have a quiet day at home, and assuming this glorious weather continues, have a nice day in the garden.


sylviebea said...

Hi! I love your blog. Sorry to hear you had a stressful day. Bikes eh... Sylvie just loves to push her's everywhere, it's a bit of a nightmare when we take it out 'cause with two other little ones I really struggle to carry it home!!! Do you live in Cheriton as in Cheriton Fitzpain in Devon? If so my family are from near there - Woolfardisworthy first off then Crediton.
Love to you and Rye.

Joxy said...

Hi Fay.

Wow, thanks, glad you're enjoying reading the blog :-)

And no, "my" Cheriton is in Kent :-)