Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Home sweet home!

Today we stayed home and gosh it was lovely.
The children played in the garden and I observed from the kitchen while making the mushroom "paste" for the quiche... and of course I couldn't resist fiddling, so I ended up layering, mushroom & onion paste on the base of the pastry, then topping with finely chopped wild garlic, then carrot, then the egg and yoghurt mixture (used soya yoghurt too) no cream, and the scrag ends of parmasan and organic cheddar cheese - you know when it dries out.. so I chucked it in the processor and chopped it finely.  Gosh, that quiche is tasty!

Then I made mini carrot cakes, and in between the kids had snacks and then lunch, then nap time.  Rye had big feelings because I insisted he go downstairs and wait for me to come back down, once I'd settled C.  He wanted to watch a dvd.  So he did go downstairs but gosh, he let the entire street know he was not happy about it.  I had that old gem running through my head, "If you don't shut up, I'll give you something to cry about."  But by the time C had dropped off, Rye was also being seduced by the Sandman.

Gave me the opportunity to unscrew the washing machine fittings and show the waste pipe in a bucket so the drum emptied.  Gawd, that smelled awful!  I was gagging the smell was so bad; but then the wash was nappies; and much to my shock some, that I had hoped to pass to a friend, were ruined.   Thank goodness the blueberry nappy was fine.  Lovely nappy, but I am gutted because it only just fits Rye, so kinda feels a waste of money.

Anyhoos, once the washing machine was on the drive, waiting for me to call the council to come and take it away, I set too making morning glory cookies.  These are a breakfast cookie; but they are also great for snacks.  They have carrot, pear (suppose to be apple, but didn't have any), coconut, nuts and currents in them and flavoured with vanilla & orange zest.  Hmmm, very yummy.
And just before Sarah and the twins arrived I popped on some bread to prove.  LOL and bless Rye, he watched the boys as they breastfed, and then he came over to me and said he wanted booby.  Copy cat lol.  Then, C was picked up, my friend had to leave and I tided up.
I am very tired, but its a good tired, you know.  And Rye seems happier for a day at home, mind, so does C.  Tomorrow, we're going to Brockhill Park near Sandling with the Home Ed group.  Really looking forward to it, although it looks like it might rain... hopefully tho it will only be a quick shower.


Pippa said...

Why DO washing machines always break down when there's a load of nappies in them!! Shame some of them were spoilt. The sound of your baking makes me hungry, I must do more baking, I enjoy it, but usually have to tidy my kitchen first and that puts me off. It's always lovely to have something home-baked to munch on though.

Joxy said...

LOL I need to do more homebaking... and at the moment I need to tidy my kitchen too; but I@m in a lazy mood and can't be bothered, I'll do it tomorrow.

Its really annoying that I'd finally gone back to using cloth for Rye's nighttime nappy, after Angie from GP loaned me some size 3's... on the upside I had a call today, the new machine arrives on Friday! Yah!.