Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Ok - I'm not hyperventilating, or panicking, or going over my paperwork with a toothpick.  Really, I'm not.. well, ok, maybe a little.

Nervous because I temper EYFS with waldorf philosophy - and in some ways the two approaches are not that compatiable.  EYFS is much more hands on, adult led and pushing a child to reach goals and using play as a tool to achieve those goals.  In Waldorf there is less pressure and play is celebrated for it's own sake and not just as a tool for education.  I haven't read all the steiner books, direct or inspired that exist -but so far I've not come across the phrase "purposeful play", which is discussed in EYFS.   And regardless of my personal feelings toward EYFS, it is statutory that I deliver it.

Time will tell, as to what she thinks of the childcare and what recommendations she makes for improvements.
Oh, and that reminds me, I need to look into this self assessment tool now too - blah.
Right, off I go.


arwen_tiw said...

All play is purposeful. :)

(hugs) and best of luck, you are a star!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joxy, 'met' you a long time ago on ivillage - quickie on Ofsted - I interpret purposeful play as is the child purposeful (ie focussed) in what they are playing? Is play sustained, and are they exploring or learning something? I have a pre-school with a waldorf influence and I'm a Steiner childminder.
Free choice is a huge thing - if you use non-directional toys they have complete freedom of choice in what they play with them! So play silks are great - the child chooses what they are dressing up as.
Check your safeguarding (Sheffield Local Safeguarding Children's board have a great leaflet on good safeguarding practice - I copied and pasted it and added examples of my practice, showing how good it was!)
And make sure your risk assessment is up to date, dated and signed.
Last one - you need to have asked the parents who has legal responsibility for the child (and preferably have the bit of paper signed by both parents, if there are two). Legal responsibility is who the child usually lives with, and/or who would you contact if there was an emergency.
Don't panic - they're usually not as bad as they're painted. If you've thought about what you do and can relate it to the EYFS you should be fine...
Good luck! Kath B x

nocton4 said...

knock 'em dead lovely, it is the love & care you bring to all you do that will shine through xxx