Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wk ending 16th May. Fun week.

A lovely week, visiting friends or being visited, crafting, playing in the garden, baking... my kind of a week.

Green juice is becoming a daily ritual.  Rye, absolutely adores green juice, even ones I've made that I thought might have been a little too green.  My charge slurps em up too. 
Riding on the red after swimming.  This week it was my charge that excelled.  She expressed great excitment when she realised we were going swimming; and wow, she swam, on her own and just with the inflatably seat thingy, all over the pool.  I was very impressed indeed.  Rye scared himself a couple of times by slipping on the steps into the pool and going under.  Still, his confidence in the water is good, and I'm trying to figure out a time to take him on my own, so I can start to teach him to swim - or I may sign him up for lessons.  Apparently, a 6 week course is £20 odd quid.
Enjoying the sun and the new sandbox.  I have to say, this box is a much bigger hit with the kids.  I'm assuming because its bigger so more room for them both to play without arguments.  Plus, the sides aren't as high as on the plastic one, so again easier for Rye to play as he's doing in the photo, and easier for my charge to climb into the pit.  She is funny though, keeps trying to sit on one of the corner seats, misjuding it and falling backwards into the pit.  Bless her.
Playing with the geometic wooden shapes.  Here he's making stars.
Creating Aunty Jen's card.
Trying on PJs that Sarah picked him up from a carboot sale.  I really thought, on seeing the pjs, they would be too big for him.. but nope.  Photo isn't clear; but Rye is actually roaring like a Tiger :-).
Licking out the birthday muffins mixture bowl... and keeping it well away from mummy.  Sigh, my own son, too!
The cool dude, sunglasses.  He is very taken with these. 
You need a haircut, boy!
A couple of the birthday muffins.  The majority were taken round to Aunty Jen's.
And the b'day card for Aunty Jen, that Rye made.  Bless him, we wrapped the card, plus the Hayes Chicken Manual, I'd bought her, up, and then went round to Jen's.  Rye gave her the card and kept saying, "Chickens, Chickens, Chickens,".. to which I kept saying "Rye, Shhhhhhhhhh"......
Jen, "Ohh, what is it Rye?"
Lil bugger had been listening to me Shhhhing him... and thought for a moment before replying.... "Ducks".  LOL.

This week saw the first Pagan Mama group get together, with some dramatical elements.  We read each other tarot cards as a couple of the ladies are interested in practising... one of the twins poured a hot cup of tea over himself, thankfully, the fleece jumper he was wearing, saved him from being burned.  Scary though, poor lad was not impressed as his parents sprayed him with the cold water from the shower.  He is perfectly ok tho, and we've made the decision that when at Sarah's, hot drinks will be consumed in the kitchen area, to avoid any further accidents of that nature.

Next week we are going to make soap. 
LMAO, and there was a very optimistic request for a guided meditation session for one of our meet ups, which I said I would write.......... however, on reflection, it's just not practical when we have young children bouncing around.  As it was, the tarot cards were trod on, poked at, mixed up and generally toddler played with :-)  Can you imagine trying to do a mediation session - particularly with my son's penchant for shouting, "Wake up, wake up."  I think I'll have a chat with the ladies, (a couple of them do not have kids, so I think we got a bit ambitious trying to accomodate what folks would like to do), and suggest that this group is more family orientated and looking at things which can involve the children, and also going out and about too, beach, parks, woods etc.

In all, the week has been fun. 
I do have my OFSTED inspection coming up, which is a tad scary. I will have to call the lady back tomorrow and arrange an approx time for the inspection.   It will be fine though, I'm sure.

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