Friday, 29 July 2011


Yup that's been this week!  Gosh, I can't believe it's Friday already!

A friend and her kids have been over most days and Rye has had a ball, lots of shared meals, which has been great.  Ooh and  Thursday shopping, the local yarn shop has a sale on cotton, 99p for a 50g ball, it's varigated yarn that is self striping for crochet and it's beautiful.  So, picked up a fair bit of that!

And then in the afternoon we went out, HE day, although the summer hols means the group is rather thin on the ground at the mo; we were intending to go to the rock pools on the pebbly beach, however the children vetoed the idea and wanted to go down to the fountain instead.  Slightly anxious it would be heaving, but not too bad really.  Rye was a little put off by a group of big boys runnng around; but he found his brave eventually.

 We had a grand time.  The kids played in the water and the adults ate seafood.  Mmmm, fresh mixed seafood; mind our backs were turned for one minute and seagulls managed to nick half the tub!
 The drier weather has meant the kids have been out in the garden too, when we've not been out doing something, so that's afforded me with a wee bit of time for hooky pleasures.   Not as addictive as the granny stripe; I like it though, although there's a couple of "hmmm" colours; but then I'm using up my stash of acrylic here, so it's a case of making do.  Rye likes his blanket, so really that's all that matters. 
This is about half finished now, and then time to decide on a hedging, and wheather to leave the ends rippled or "fill them in" to create a uniformed edge.    And if you can believe it I'm already thinking about my next blanket.  I fancy a large granny square lap blanket for downstairs.  Not decided on the colours yet, I fancy something a little different from the rainbow colours, although still bright.  Me like bright.  lol.


Valerie said...

Amazing blanket, it makes my poorly cobbled knitty knotty look shameful lol.

Laura said...

oh the blanket is just so beautiful, clever you! x

Pippa said...

You're right, the weeks certainly are zipping by!! Those fountains look like good fun, I reckon Rye has had a bit of a growth spurt too, he looks taller suddenly. I love the crochet you are doing too. xxxxx

Joxy said...

Wouldn't suprise me, Pippa. He's eating constantly at the moment. He's had today, strawberry and orange fresh juice I made, crackers and fruit, roasted veg soup bread and crackers, fruit salad, a huge roast chicken dinner, ice cream, more fruit, a sandwich and he's still saying he's hungry.

Making him drink water in case some of it is that he's thirsty really. Oh and yesterday he ate a punnet of strawberries and a large punnet of seedless grapes on top of, crackers and fruit, orange and strawberry juice, beans on toast (he had half a can of beans and 3 slices of toast), a huge plate of roasted veggies and gravy, more crackers, banana etc.

Rachel said...

Oooh I love the blanket! Do you think I might be abkle to commission one from you? I'd be Willing to pay a fair rate and post the yarn to you. Much as I enjoyed the crocheting I've done my speed is not fast enough to finish a blanket in anything less that a couple of years!

Becks said...

Love the blanket. And how quick are you!! My Granny stripe is hiding in the cupboard until I can find the time to acquire more yarn as the stash will only stretch to approximately half the size I want the blanket to end up and so I want to incorporate new colours in now rather than switch halfway through. I do have another one in mind though, in fact I started it without even knowing so many moons ago.
Pretty addictive all this hooky stuff isn't it :)
Loving the photos of Rye, he looks so grown up since we met him. We will really will have to get to the next GP meet, whenever that may be...

Joxy said...

Ahhh Rachel, not sure I'll have time hun, I want to get this one finished and then make a large granny square blanket in time to take with for the Mercian at the beginning of Sept.. and of course I also have a lot of makes for Yule and Rye's birthday in Jan. Why not have a go at a granny square blanket, making up lots of granny squares and joining them together.. it can be quite a quick project to do.

Ahhh I do love hooking, considering opening an online shop with a fellow hooker friend; although we are thinking little one's clothes and shoes. And I'll probably do more deocrative stuff as she prefer doing functional items. Its whether, like I just wrote to Rachel, we can find the time to actually make stock! lol.

Ahhh yes and rye is growing like a weed, he's so tall I got my first, "Why isn't he in school?" comment the other week. lol

Laura, Russ, Phoebe and Ezra said...

Gorgeous blanket! I love the colours :) x