Monday, 25 July 2011

Back to work.

Ahhhh a darn good day!

A box and the airbed kept the kids amused for hours!  I've taken the tent down, and oops there is a very large round gap in my lawn.  Hope the grass grows back!  The box has been a monster (running around the garden growling with it over their heads, a shop, a house, a rocker etc.    And the airbed is the easiest bouncy castle ever... probably much safer too!  Not to mention as there's no running electricity costs to keep it inflated!

I took a few photos of my mindie as I do, and Rye asked for his photo to be taken too:
Awww, I love that boy!  He's so darn scrumptious and cute. 
Anyway, once C went upstairs for her afternoon nap, I plugged in the steam cleaner and attacked the double buggy.  Urgh, yucky.  It's stored in the shed, but I often end up leaving it outside, so it gets wet and yucky very quickly.  And it was so bad I really didn't want to put children in it, so it got the steam action.  And wow, it's a million times better; not perfect, but then it was preloved anyway, but a distinct improvement and not a potential health hazard!  (I may ban eating in the buggy!)

Izzy and the kids popped round this afternoon, Rye was delighted of course, so cue much running around, splashing in the paddling pool. etc.  I'm glad I've taken the tent down, while it was great, it did take up a lot of room, and the kids enjoyed having extra space to race around in.  The garden is looking a bit  shoddy though, and the large round gap in the grass, from where the tent was, doesn't help either.  Eeek, hope the grass grows back.

I've got plans for making a kitchen corner in the garden, the old elc cooker is out there now, and I'm going to take the 3 tier shelf from the shed out to put along side too, I want to get some more baskets (or I may crochet some) and start collecting things from nature to go in them, that the kids can use as pretend food.  Not overly keen on the expensive and beautiful wooden playfood and handmade felt food being outside; it will just get ruined.  Trying to think of a way to easily add some shade too, so the kids can play out longer when its hot and sunny.  (Come 1pmish the sun has come around enough that my garden gets the full sun).

I can tell Rye is not quite 100%, he's fighting off a cold at the moment, and once Izzy and the kids left this evening, he zonked out on the sofa.  I took the opportunity to have my tea in peace, sat outside - bliss, and then ushered him upstairs to bed, him all bleary eyed and staggering, while protesting that he wasn't sleepy.  Hmm funny that, he was fast asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow!  Wish I could do that!

Slightly disappointed he's zonked though, as I was planning on taking him on a little bike ride this evening, ah well, maybe tomorrow.

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