Monday, 13 February 2012


Yup, it wasn't that lost, the house elf were just playing tricks on me again.  Lil bugger.

So, first, snowy pictures:
 We had a good dump of snow, around 4 inches mostly; although where it drifted it was past Rye's knees.
 The self control to avoid giggling as Rye screamed and yelled in frustration because he kept sliding back down the hill as he tried to get up it...  bad mother!
 Finally, he got up there!

 Next day still lots of snow, and a minded child to share the fun with... they made er.. snowmen? 
 This is Rye's.  And no, I have no idea why the nose is where it is!
 Minded child's effort... I couldn't help having a childish snigger as this did really look rather rude when I first came out to look at their snowmen.
 Today we had a settling in session with the new minded child.  She was ok for about 5 minutes, then huge gulping sobs as she realised mummy and daddy had left her behind.  A cuddle, stories, songs and playing with the magic tree house, and the fairies did the trick.  She comes again Wednesday for two hours.
And this is the sweet eleanor scarf I'm making for the gift box.  The yarn is a raw linen and cotton, which at the moment feels very stiff and scratchy, but should soften and droop beautifully after washing.  The pattern is very easy, but I confess I have made quite a lot of mistakes, it's not difficult at all, and my mind keeps wandering and the I realise I've done the 2 in chain loop, or skip on dc on the wrong way round on different rows and the have to frog back.  I do like the effect though, and I may do another, but with a thicker yarn next time so this works up quicker.

Here I've used 3 x 25g balls, I have one left and that will have to suffice.  I may if I can pick up a similar contrasting yarn for the edging.

I've also signed up for the Persephone CAL on Ravelry and have picked up this gorgeous sock yarn to use; it's the Paradise one. 

Rachel over on Our Free Range Family has got me into a bit of trouble too; I was looking at stashes on Ravelry and admiring her stash of Araucania yarn...... which led me to Fine Stashed Yarns' discount sale, my bank balance is now £50 less.  I'll show you what I bought, once it arrives :D

Ooh and finally, yes, we have been out today, keepinng up with the Outdoor Play challenge.  Nothing terribly exciting, a trip to the park for some running around, sliding and swinging.  Then onto the bank, library and a few stories before the co-op for a few bits and then onto a friend's house for the rest of the afteroon.

A successful day.


liz said...

Hello, Thanks for the follow! Love your blog, you are always so busy, inspiring stuff! Also loving your little man's hair. I wish my boys still had their long hair, but it was driving them wild. I guess it will grow again though. I would also love to keep up with the outdoor challenge, just have to wait till this lot have finished with chickenpox. I have a house full of seriously scratchy kiddies at the mo!

Rachel said...

Glad to be of service! ;-) Looking forward to seeing what you bought LOL!

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad you found your camera!
And hooray for snowmen! We haven't even had enough snow this year to build one! Seems it melts as fast as it falls!
There is a bit today, though... :)