Sunday, 12 February 2012


My camera, that is.
Hoping it will turn up during the clear up today. 

Our life is pottering along down on Firs Lane.  Rye is enjoying freedom to play.  Play that involves lots of building and using imagination, and practising those fine gross motor skills.   He is progressing lovely with Reading Eggs and Study ladder; even able to remember how to spell some words, even though, technically, he's not reading. 

Saying thaat, I do feel I need to "strew" in unschooling fashion.
There is a sameness to the days, I'd even go so far as to say a wee whiff of stagnant.
So, shelf contents are being re-shuffled.
Art and craft supplies, moved around to allow access to different things.
Different books, and indeed a feeling that we need to get back into regularly visiting the library.

Naturally, the cold weather has triggered hibernation tendencies, which means life down Firs Lane  has become rather sedate, but not particularly relaxing.  Sedateness and 5yr old boys do not mix overly well.  While I am fighting the urge to snuggle down under blankets and crochet, read or just watch a film, Rye races the big wooden train round and round in a circle on the laminate floor.  The noise makes every cell in my body hunch and irritation quickly begings to surface.  The carriages slide across the floor, randomly smashing into the side of the table leg, chair leg, pram.  Irritation turns to annoyed anger that he's not been more respectful of a beautiful wooden toy. 

Hot wheel cars are spun across the floor, banging into the doors or walls, again the sound on the laminate is causing me to haunch.  Playsilks are thrown around; heads that do no want to be covered, are covered, tears ensue, strong words are spoken.  Hands are waved and jiggled, feet skipping out, jumping, the buzz of energy is palatable.

Aye, there is a need for a shake up and some strewing, including a re-newed committment to being outdoors EVERY SINGLE DAY for at least 30 minutes, preferably an hour or more.

Thus I'll be joining Rachel over on Our Free Range Family with the "Outdoor Play Everyday 2012" challenge.

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Rose said...

Rye sounds like Zander ... he's not following natures hibernation ques whereas I would rather we did! This week will be the challenge - half term; school so over stimulates him that when he's home longer than the weekend you can see he gets twitchy and cabin fever sets in. But always up for a challenge! X