Thursday, 1 March 2012

What a week!

Spent in bed for the most part. 
Nasty little germs invaded and sucked all the energy out of me.  One of the weirdest illnesses I've had a for a while.  Started off with a banging headache and throat so sore, razor blades comes to mind.  Next day those symptoms were gone.  Yay! I thought, just a 24 hour thing.  Hah, not so much. 

Extreme tiredness.  Going to the bathroom had me sweating and puffing - I mean seriously, it's less than a 5 second walk to the bathroom from my bedroom!  I forced myself to drop Rye off at friends and they would bring him back in time for bedtime.  Each day he would ask me if I feel better, and his beautiful little face would drop when I shook my head and would drift back off to sleep.  Too tired to even crochet!

I confess I was beginning to fear I'd develop some sort of fatigue problem, my gawd it's horrible.  I drove to a friends house to pick up Rye, I parked across the road from her house, and just crossing the road and climbing the 3 small steps in front of her house, had me panting, sweating and feeling dizzy.    Just sitting up in bed for too long would have me feeling exhausted and needing to lay down again.    I have pretty much slept a week away. 

Today, much better.  This whole illness has been terribly inconvenient though, I was suppose to visit some dear friends at the weekend, alas I've had to cancel.  Downside of self employment is poorly equals no pay.  I'm just thankful I had not mentioned the weekend away to Rye.

Rye is sparking off a lot of parental excitment.  He is using his workbooks independently and is just flying with his handwriting.  And today I gave him 60p pocket money; 3x 20ps and explained that a finger of fudge is 20p, which is one of the pennies I'd given him.  I asked him how many finger of fudges he could buy with 60p and he said 3.  We also talked about saving up, and how saving his money would mean the next time we visit the post office, he would be able to buy a toy car himself.  He opted for buying himself some chocolate however, and to my suprise choose one bar.
 And a Ginny Yarn Along photo.  I'm hooking Rye a hoodie from some of the Araucania yarn.  Oh my gosh this yarn is sublime; so soft and tactile.   The feel of this yarn between my fingers is so pleasurable.  As you can see this is a top down jumper.  The yoke and arm holes I hooked last week and yesterday, beginning to feel much better, I hooked the hood part and started work on the body.  Rye is very excited and loves his jumper.   Again I've vaguely used a pattern for the method and then winged and prayed the rest.  The pattern was actually for a baby hoodie, so I've had to size this up dramatically, even more so that I'm making it even bigger because I want it to fit Rye next winter!  This yarn has a beautiful drape.  I'm using a 5.5mm hook and gosh it's practically hooking its self.

The book is Storm Front by Jim Butcher, it's the first in the Dresden Files series.
The other book is Granny Square Book, the book hosts beautiful granny square variations and also projects along with tips on how to create one's own creations from granny squares.  It arrived yesterday and I've been salivating over quite a few of the patterns. 

Once my current WIPs are finished I think a new blanket might be in order... perhaps one using up the odds and sods in my stash too...


arwen_tiw said...

Aw, big hugs mama! We'll catch up soon. :) xxx

Frugal Mum of 3 said...

Big hugs, I hate being ill, there have been some nasty bugs going around of late. This is also the one thing I am not looking forward to with becoming a self employed childminder, ilness and no pay. xxx

Joxy said...

And would you believe it, poor Rye started vomitting last night, think he's finally stopped now. He's sleeping at the moment. I'm guessing it is the vommitting bug, although I feel fine so far, so maybe I'll get lucky and bypass it.... really could do without that now I'm feeling pretty much my old self again!

Rose said...

You are too clever with your crochet mama, wish I had your skills. Dresden file books ... I had no idea ... we loved the pilot that was on tv! Much love x