Friday, 2 March 2012


Not today.  Today I stay close to a poorly sick boy, who has dark circles around his eyes and a small elfin face, so very pale.  Tomorrow, (touch wood) I will begin the cleanse.

It's something I do after any protracted illnesses.  The house is thoroughly aired, rooms well cleaned, bedding changed, healing herbs burned and wafted through the rooms to cleanse the air, and a vase of flowers to brighten and cheer.  A small blessing for health and joy.

My little house has stagnated, rooms are full of items needing to be put away, dust has collected on ornaments and shelves, a general state of unkeep and neglect.  The stagnation runs deeper than a few messy rooms, its in the air, I can feel its oppressive breath on my skin.  Balance has been disrupted and it is affecting us both.

The cleanse will begin.


Woolly Wanderer said...

Illness has kept me away from the PC so I was sorry to read that you and Rye have been so very unwell.

Will keep you in prayers for wholeness and healing.

Love to you

San xx

Joxy said...

Thanks hun. So sorry to read you've not been well either. Hopefully end of winter germs and stepping into the warmth of spring.

LOL Mind, it's cold, grey and very foggy today, I've actually popped the heating back on!

Anyhoos, Blessings hun, may the spring sun revitalise you.

Rose said...

Thats a good idea to cleanse the house after drawn out illness, never thought of that. Hope the illness lifts totally soon. Much love x