Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Oh please end. I seem to have been packing for a lifetime - how on earth did I accumlate so much in one year??????

I've been up since midnight (I went to bed with the little 'un at 7pm) packing some more and cleaning the kitchen - on the upside the oven and hob are sparkling now.

I rather suspect tonight will be all nighter, I still have the upstairs to pack up - thankfully there isn't much up there, mainly clothes, towels and bedding - oh and the little 'uns' clothes and toys.

Still, the removal van arrives at 8am in the morning and then begins a whole new chapter in our lives.

Despite the tiredness - I am very excited.


arwen_tiw said...

Argh! How exciting (and still frustrating right now I'm sure). I hope everything goes really smoothly over the next few days honey, looking forward to having you happily installed in your lovely new home. :)

willow81 said...

Good luck for tomorrow xxx