Saturday, 14 February 2009

Gently, Gently Part 2.

My little boy is snuggled up under thomas the tank engine bedding. He was very excited when I flapped the bedding out and popped the new duvet and pillow in the set. Immediately jumped on top and laid there followed by lots of "what's that" asking the names of the different trains featured on the bedding. (Thomas, James and Percy - I think).

The transition to sleeping in his own room is progressing nicely; he at least goes to sleep in there most nights although he is more apt to wake up and, rather bizarrely, knock on his door to let me know he wants to come in with me. I'm hoping the new bedding will be so nice and snuggly he'll sleep through.

Oh, and I've lost my heart to this: Daisy Chains I've emailed the owner and she said she should have some more made by mid March and she'll email me when she's done them (she's got custom orders to make at the mo). I'm going to sell my Storch and Gauze to fund the purchase. I do love my wraps but I find back carry with my limited movement in my arms, very difficult, whereas I can put on a mei tai very easily. That Mei Tai will look lovely for the Faery Festival too. I feel all giddy just thinking about wearing that mei tai!

As for my health, well, at least the migraine/clusterheadaches/whatevertheheckitwasthatlaidmelowfor4days has abated finally. My poor head feels tender after the battering its had and I still have a stiff neck but no headache thankfully; just a weird sort of echo pain, kind of in the distance like its not quite faded yet and the memory is still there. Anyway, I need to have the pressure in my eyes tested regularly apparently and I've been referred to ENT consultant because of my dodgy ears. To be honest, I don't think the GP had a clue and kept saying things like because my balance is poor (because of excess fluid in my ears - which incidently I've had since I was a child) and my ear drums look "puffy" well he rather tenuously linked it to the headaches........ I've never had a serious of migraines/clusterheadaches or whatever the hell they were, like that before, I think he just latched onto me saying when it was in full flow my balance was non existant and I felt very sick indeed (I was working hard to ensure I didn't vomit - I think my head would have exploded otherwise), couldn't tolerate light (smear in front of eyes - which I do normally get at the start of a migraine attack - but this stayed for 3 flipping days). Horrendous, I hope it doesn't flare again.


Stephanie said...

Hi, Joxy.
I've tagged you for a game! If you'd care to play, visit here.

willow81 said...

That mei tai is gorgeous, I can SO see you wearing that. xx