Friday, 8 January 2010

A blumming lovely day!

My first order from Riverford arrived today.  Very impressed, I bought the £12 something veg box and got carrots, parsnips, onions, broccoli, two squashes (onion squashes I think), and calabrese?  Looks like spring greens to me lol.  I also ordered a fruit bag which contained apples, oranges and grapes.  Rye immedately ate two of the apples and even my little charge enjoyed half of one.  Neither child seems keen on grapes - ah well, more for me then, because I love grapes.  I also bought a 5Kg bag of tatties, they will probably last me virtually the month.  I decided to fork out the extra because I bought the same sized bag from Asda, but it was their smartprice range, and the tatties were awful - constantly boiling to mush when trying to boil them to make mash or roasters and just completely lacking in flavour.  The organic tatties ,of course, are nearly about £3.50 more expensive, but taste alone makes it more than worth it!

Then not long afterwards my Myriad  order arrived.  Happy days.
I've been wanting the rainbow tunnel for Rye for, well it seems forever.  He was immediately entranced:

It was long before he was asking to make castles.....

Not quite sure who enjoyed this more, Rye or me ;-)
Once the blocks were tidied away, I decided to rejig our season table a bit, it is appropriately sparse at the moment:

The lovely felt bird was part of my season swap gift, along with a felt fig pudding and some white chocolate in the shape of santa, which was eaten almost before I got the wrapper off! And a candy cane that amazingly lasted until the tree came down.
Ah, and yes, I ordered one of the gnome houses too, I plan to buy them all, they are just so lovely and blue one is perfect on the season table.  I also picked up a tumbling gnome, a little taken back when it arrived as £2.25 seemed quite a lot for what it actually is.. although, I did end up playing with it on the treeblocks for ages.  

The other wing of the felt bird, it's a hare :-)

So cute!

Then while C had her afternoon nap, Rye painted, I like the tablet paints not quite so messy and not requiring as much supervision.. although clearly more than I gave... I was in the kitchen washing up, when I came checked in on Rye...he'd finger painted the wall - oops.

And finally the rainbow tunnel tidied away - Rye insisted on putting it this way because its a "petti castle".


arwen_tiw said...

Love Rye's building! And the Season Table is looking fab, amazing bird I wish I could sew that well. Busy happy days. xxx

Laura said...

Lovely winter table! we have the mini rainbow and the extra large one has been bought and put away for Ezra's first birthday. theyre gorgeous, arent they!
happy new year!
Laura xx

Mon said...

Organic veg, creative toys, art.... great day!
Whose learning Spanish? :)

Joxy said...

I picked it up for Rye, as I'm told kiddies pick up languages far easier at this age. I need to find some dvds/cds tho because I only did a year of spanis at school and I dont' remember much.

Theres a HE mum too who has a french group for toddlers, which, I'm hoping to take Rye too.

Earthmummy xx said...

We are in love with our stacking rainbow - gets used for EVERYTHING. Definately worth the money. As are the gnome houses - we've collected all the myriad ones, and are starting on the collection at P&P is pricy-ish because it's shipped from Germany, but they toys are GORGEOUS

Joxy said...

Hehehe, I have toy spectrum book marked!

I'mthinking my next myriad order might be the kite paper and beeswax modelling wax and quite possibly another gnome house ;-)

Eoforhild said...

Looks like a wonderful day.

May I ask, how big are the blocks on the gnome houses? I was thinking about getting some for Abigail but I'm worried that they might be too small (as she puts everything in her mouth)

Becky said...

Hi Joxy

The Book People have some books/CD combinations that we've got - Level 1 and 2. We got both the French and Spanish sets but haven't looked at them yet.

We also got the muzzy Spanish cartoon series out from the library (really expensive to buy) but the kids absolutely *loathed* it!! We've done 'One minute Spanish' from 'Coffee Break Spanish' too which is free and even I can hold my attention span for a 1 minute lesson LOL. Can't get the link at the mo. for some reason but if you google it's from Radio Lingua I think.

Love your season table and the tunnel :-) How much veg did you get in the box? I got a box before but it only contained 2 or 3 meals worth but cost what I usually spend in a week so I've had to forgo this at the moment :-( I do love the veg box though!


Joxy said...

Oh I think they will be fine for Abigail hon, the blue gnome house blocks are too big to be swallowed as are the ones on the sun house.

Ohhh thanks for that Becky, I'll have a google.

The box from Riverford seemed more generous than a comparable box from Abel and Cole. In fact next week I've downsized to their small box (£8.something) because there's probably more than I need - normally not a big prob..but my freezer is a getting full lol.

The box I got is suppose to feed 3-4 for the week - I'm assuming this is only based on eating veg at teatime and as an accompaniment rather than as a main meal.. (i.e. meat, tatties etc been part of the meal too). It probably would feel 3-4 in those circumstances..but for those of use who eat far more veg than this (or are veggie) then this box would probably feed 2-3 for a week.

Riverford claim their boxes are cheaper than supermarkets for comparable organic veg.. not checked it out myself.. although I once compared against abel and cole and it was slightly cheaper to get from Asda but not significantly so - it all rather depended on what you got really... and certainly the organic range from a veg box seems wider than say Asda and there's far, far, less packaging!