Sunday, 1 February 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

There's nothing quite like snow to bring the inner child out. I adore snow, I recognise, as an adult, its highly inconvenient, an utter pain to travel in; nonetheless I do love that wet, cold stuff.

Tl'un was rather taken by the snowfall too and just kept staring out at our garden watching the lovely large flakes drift down from the sky, as we mixed up banana muffins.

I am rather amused at the palavar a bit of snow causes down here. I grew up on the moors in Yorkshire and to me "heavy" snow is where one has to walk on the dry stone walls because its drifted and is so deep and if you fall off the wall you disappear. "Heavy" snow is where it is so deep it is impossible to get out of the valley and the RAF drop off coal and food supplies as we wait for it the snow to melt. Mind, even Yorkshire doesn't get those types of snow falls anymore.

So, yes, rather amused at the idea that a possible 5-10cm of snow is considered "Heavy" Snow and the Met Office has issued a "Severe Weather Warning". Ah well. There's a mere dusting out there at the moment; there's suppose to be more overnight, I guess we'll find out in the morning.

Wintery days like this I really miss the real fires I grew up with. Central heating just doesn't provide that glowly warmth of a real fire. Still, it has been nice to watch the darkening skies and then the snow fall while warm inside the house, pootling in the kitchen with tl'u.

His is very chatty these days, "what's that?" is his favourite phrase at the moment, and, yes, it is driving me a bit batty, particularly when he askes "what's that?" of the same object half a dozen times. However, I have been waiting a very long time for him to start speaking, so despite the reptition, it is just so lovely to hear him speaking, finally!

His comprehension is fabulous. I have a laminated sheet with nursery rhythms from bookstart and I use it as a place mat for tl'u, this evening during tea, he kept looking at it and asking what the various pictures were. After explaining the pictures and reading the words to him, I then asked him to show me where the various pictures were, and he remembered them all. He also recognises symbolic drawings for noses , eyes and mouths. He is also very into numbers at the moment. He is pressing the numbers on the v'tec teddy all the time now, whereas before he was only interested in the letters, and if a book has page numbers he points indicating he wants to know what the number is. While looking at a Thomas the Tank Engine book he kept indicating to know what the numbers on the trains were. Whether that is an indication of anything, I don't know, time will tell.

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Laura said...

Hope you are enjoying the snow! I also wish we had a real fire. Would be really lovely today!