Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Camping Experts?

I have asked on the GP forum too - I'm going to the HESFES camp in July, which is a week long event and so I need a tent. I was looking at pop up festival tents but the phrase "water resistant" worries me, as I assume this means as soon as it downpours we'd get wet. If it was a weekend thing I think I'd risk it - but the thought of being wet for an entire week is not attractive and anyway - I can't really have Rye getting wet for so long.

So any recommendations on lightweight 2 birth tents that are waterproof - or at least what wording I should be looking at?

I will be travelling up by train so I need it all to be lightweight as I'll be carrying everything.


nocton4 said...

Hello lovely, I'm taking my huge 6+ man tent .. Katie I'm sure will be off sleeping in her friends tent, which leaves Oscar and I .. you are more than welcome to come join us ... tent has 3 seperate bedrooms and large middle living area xx

Joxy said...

Oh wow, thank you! Are you sure, Rye is a boisterous 2 year old with a very peircing scream when he doesn't get his own way - although to be fair he's normally very laid back and a happy chappy.

If you are sure I would be very grateful and naturally I'm happy to contribute as this is saving me a bit of money and a lot of hefting :)

nocton4 said...

oh yes definately sure ... can bring you an airbed ( double ) and sleeping bags too if needed.
Will be bringing the camping cooker which you are more than welcome to cook on too.
Less stuff for you to carry, we could also arrange a meeting place ( train station ? ) and I'll pick you up on route, then no hassle in finding each other there.
Will pm you on gp my email address which will make arranging easier.
Oscar will love having Rye around, this will be his first caamping experience, so not sure how nights will be !!!
Looking forward to it.


Laura said...

We might be coming too. If i can persuade Russ that i'll be ok camping at about 37 weeks pregnant! Fancy a meet up?

Laura/Mamoo xx

Joxy said...

I'd love too Laura :)

And yep airbed, sleepingbags no probs :)
Ohhhh, this is going to be so much fun.

Hazel said...

Hi Joxy.
You don't know me, but I spied you on the GP forum (which I've just joined) and thought you sounded like my sorta gal ;o)
I'm a good friend of Denise's and we'll be at HESFES too, so I'm looking forward to meeting you there. We have an almost-ten-year-old daughter, Romy (in whose tent Katie will probably be sleeping, lol) and an almost-two-year-old little one, Tansy. We'll be camping right next to you hopefully. Looking forward to it!!
Love, Hazel. xxx

Joxy said...

Hiya Hazel :)

Oh yeah, I'm so looking forward to meeting folks and I think Rye is going to love it; he's such a sociable little lad, I rather supsect he'll be in his element.

And it will be so nice to put faces to people I know online and make new friends - oh its going to be wonderful!