Monday, 9 March 2009

Furniture Arranging & TV addictions

After sort of being inspired by tales on GP forum of mamas waking early to enjoy an hour or so peace before the household wakes up for the day; I set my alarm to give it a go myself. 6am it was set for; clearly my alarm knows me well and did not wake me up. Not sure why or how but when I set the alarm for the radio by morning the volume has reduced so much I can't hear it and thus do not wake up. Shame in some respects because I did wake around half seven; beautiful sunny morning and my little boy still in his own room. I toyed with getting out of bed, I did honest, but being able to snuggle under the duvet for a bit longer was just too attractive.
Besides had I got out of bed I would have missed the rather bizzare dream of being in the middle of nowhere protecting a building from mauraders using.......... crochet hooks as arrows. No idea on that one!

Anyhoos, he eventually woke around quart to nine and as we walked into the living room my heart sank. The place was a tip and the kitchen wasn't much better either although I did feel slightly overwhelmed of where to begin. Rye fixed that for me by showing big feelings repeatedly because my chilled little boy has become a bit of a dvd addict and he wanted me to put a dvd on as soon as we walked through the door. I told him later and that daytime is for play and games. He wasn't having it; and neither was I. The TV is banished to my room and peace has reigned all day.

So in the space where the TV use to sit I decided to have a play with the layout of the living room; not done a great deal, moved the big bookcase over to the wall the TV was against and moved the sofa further up the wall it sits against. The wee table the TV use to sit on has now been reclassified as a Rye's table and he's loved having his own table to play with his trains, cars and tractors on. Plus climbing on it and leaping onto the sofa. I did try the folding table in the living room too; and it fits but I don't really like it so its regelated back to the kitchen. It's strange how a minor furniture shuffle like that seems to have created a much larger space - and a convenient corner for my wool box.

The kitchen wasn't quite as bad as it looked and didn't take that long to clean up. I was pleased to discover the dishwasher has decided to work again. I only tried it because I opened it up and phewwweeeeeee it stank, I'd left a couple of soapnuts in there and they'd gone horribly mouldy. I had been toying with buying a new dishwasher, which I keep putting off because I hate the idea of buying a new appliance; but now its working again I don't have to bother - I may look into a repair man to see what is wrong with the darn thing and get a quote. Its bizarre, every so often it stops midcycle and makes a dull humming noise and won't turn off at the switch on the machine; actually has to be unplugged and lefted for days then with luck t can be plugged in and it won't immediately come on. Leave it longer, so it seems, and eventually it will work again... I suppose it has to be either the programme that is on its way out (except why would it make such a weird noise and not turn off?) or the pump. The noise suggests to me the pump.

Rye bless him, while I've been occupied for most of the day has really enjoyed playing with his toys and being really quite imagiinative, for example, he was using my ceramic essential oil burner (not in use I hasten to add) as a tunnel for his car at one point. Such a change from the past few days when he's been constantly patting the telly and messing with the dvd player and generally driving me nuts with it. I was falling into the habit of putting it on each evening too and even letting Rye eat his tea in front of the TV. Not good. It is quite scary though how quickly he became addicted and how easy it became to use it as the "babysitter in the corner" while I was in the kitchen making tea or even mosing around on the net. Having moved the TV out I am feeling rather virtuous now.

Oh, and Rye has developed an odd bath phobia again; he gets excited when I run the bath and loves playing with his cups and the water; undress him and put him in the bath and he screams blue murder and triies to climb back out. He will not sit in the bath at the moment and I'm at a loss as to why. He desperately need a wash though, so I quickly wet him with some water as he stood there and used a flannel to quickly wash him, which made him fairly hysterical and then I lifted him out and dried him off. Once out of the bath he was much happier. I was contemplating getting my cossie out soon and taking Rye swimming but I'm not sure if its a good idea to be honest. I curse myself that I allowed my ex to keep putting me off regarding taking Rye swimming and then once I was on my own it became quite difficult because the public pool was quite a ways and I wasn't overly keen on showing this body in a cossie to the public at large. (Ex had corporate membership at a private pool).

On a totally different vein, I'm at work tomorrow; this week is a 3 day week, I think its the last one till I leave on the 31st because I have annual leave etc. Woohooo. I've come to dislike the 3 days weeks, I've come to dislike going into work full stop, half the time there's nothing for me to do and I sit there pretty much twiddling my thumbs - thankfully I do have some meetings over the next few weeks so at least I'll have some work.

Well, I suppose I better finish off tidying up the kitchen after tea (yum yum, mash, veggies and fish in parsley sauce followed by slowcooked rice pudding.) and then bed as I have an early start.

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