Saturday, 7 March 2009


I came across an interesting american family who are unschooling their children, while also going on road trips. It interested me because after the break down of my marriage I decided to go off and travel around the UK for 4 / 5 months in an espace car with a mattress thrown in the back. It was fantastic and I hope to maybe do it again sometime soon when Rye is a bit older.

Anyway, while trawling through their fascinating blog, I came across this message from an unschooled teen and its fantastic.


nocton4 said...

HESFES ... oh do come, come and camp with us ... we'd love it xxx

Laura/Mamoo said...

Ooh, how cool. Do you read the Sparkling Martins' blog? (Dayna Martin & family are radical unschoolers and they have an old RV).
The Snavleys have a family blog aswell (this post is by their son) I think i read it on their blog - the snaveley freebirds i think its called.

Laura/Mamoo x