Wednesday, 29 April 2009

And breath....

What a week. Called the NCMA about my childminding pack and liability insurance, which has been free up to now for the first year; only to be told the council has pulled funding for the time being. So yet more money that needs to be found as I can't childmind until I have the insurance in place and more and more bills were coming through the door; rent still to be paid I was getting exceedingly worried. Then an income support letter came and until yesterday they were only awarding me £6 per week because they took into account my last lot of working tax credits - I had expected full whack; so that was a huge shock. I really don't quite understand how a single person is expected to live on £60 odd quid a week, never mind a parent with a child! How on earth do people manage??? Still, now I have finally received the letter I have been able to go to Housing and hopefully that will be sorted quickly.

Today I received a letter from the Inland Revenue; I was so nervous opening it up wondering if it was yet another letter informing me I owed more money...nope they owe me and the amount almost covers my rent woohooooo. Finally, some good news so I feel like I can breath again.

Friday we are going to Scotland for Beltane with friends for a long weekend of camping. I am so very much looking forward to this trip and feeling a tad aprehensive too. It is a very long car journey for Rye; I've picked up some colouring books for him, I'll take his favourite books and some of his cars etc and we will be stopping reasonably regularly to stretch our legs and no doubt Aunty Queenie will keep him occupied singing to him. Thankfully, our hosts are lending me a tent so I didn't have to worry about buying one so all I've had to buy is an inflatable mattress and some batteries for my camping torch.

I did consider a sleeping bag; but as a plus size I feel very restricted in them so instead I'm taking my duvet and I have thick pjs and fleecy all in one for Rye I might take his winter tog "grobag" too just incase its really cold up there. Our hosts also have a very large hot tub...mmm I'm looking forward to that and Rye will probably love it too.... but OMG how expensive are swim nappies! I'm really quite shocked.

Writing of Rye, bless him, he's been very patient with me this week. I have been so distracted and a little short with him - ok a lot short with him. So, on our way into town I walked by the park and played with him in there for a bit, he loved it and ran off much energy. Then onto the postoffice etc and then bus into the town centre to pick up a few bits. On arriving he was obviously feeling tired so I popped him on my back in the Daisychain mei tai. Its a very comfy mei tai, my only irritation with it is it's not as wide as I'd like so I have to be very careful to make sure Rye iis properly seated in it ; otherwise it looks like he's half hanging out of one side. I think its because I pull the left side up first and then the right and its skewering the fabric. Hehehe, I was at the bus station with some lovely reflective windows so I could see what I was doing and 3 people run over to see if I needed a hand, bless. I am quite impressed the number of times people do stop and ask if I need help. Renews my faith a bit in common decency.

Today has been a good day and the guilts aren't nudging me about the lack of play and activities of late either. Feeling much more chilled and tomorrow will be a day of baking with Rye, packing (and repacking as he's bound to unpack the bags a couple of times) and just generally getting ready for the trip.

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Have a lovely weekend!

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