Thursday, 23 April 2009


Yeah ok, I can't think of a title really.
Today started a tad frustrated because Medway Council have written to me, five months after moving to say I owe them £80 odd quid, which I just don't have at the moment. I'll have to call them tomorrow and sort something out and also check why I owe them that amount, as I'm sure I was up to date. Finances are stretched to the max at the moment and I'm feeling concerned.

Then the id for my CRB check wasn't enough so the Ofsted Inspector came round to see more, she wanted to see my birth certificate but I can't find it. So she's taken lots of other "secondary" id which hopefully will be enough. She's also said she will up the numbers I can have to 4, i.e. 3 minded children and Rye. So I can have 2 more under 5 and 1 over 5. I don't particularly want to do a school run (as I don't want to be tied down like that) so I'm thinking of keeping that extra space for school holidays and one offs for an extra bit of cash. Or if money does end up being tight then I do have the option of taking on a school aged child and doing the dreaded school run lol.

Anyway, I was feeling rather fed up and beginning to wonder if I'd made a huge mistake finishing work before everything was in place. So to cheer myself up I started baking. We made Nigella's flat breads, except I didn't have any yoghurt so instead I added some lemon juice and its worked lovely. And a girl has got to have chocolate when stressed, so I made 6 huge double chocolate muffins. Yum, yum. Bless Rye, he was eating the mixture almost as quickly as it was made. Then time to clean him up, he had so much fun splashing his hands in the washing up bowl, I filled it up with lukewarm water and popped it outside in the garden for him.

Oh and my ex has emailed to ask to see Rye tomorrow. Quite good timing really, I think I need a few hours to myself and it will give me chance to call Medway Council and talk to them about the bill and do a few other things - the lawns need mowing desperately. I do hope he turns up this time, I will be very annoyed if he texts me again to say he's not coming. Although, to be on the safe side I've not mentioned it to Rye, so it will be a nice suprise for him if his dad does turn up.

Oddly, I keep finding bees in the lounge. I woke up around 3am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I can down stairs for a drink and found a wee bumble bee on the floor, I gently swept it up and put it outside and this morning I found another on the floor. I've also had about 4 or 5 worker bees in the lounge and have to keep opening the window to let them out. I have no idea where they are coming from. Ok I do have the windows and door in the kitchen open; but one turned up after letting one out when the door to the kitchen was shut... I have a nasty suspicion, and hope I'm wrong - trouble is if there is a nest somewhere I have no idea where, as I can't see where they could possibly be coming from. Gawd, can you imagine if there is a nest and they swarm..eeek.

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