Sunday, 1 January 2012


In a few hours an exceedingly excited boy will come bounding down the stairs, burst through balloons and streamers into........5 years old.
I truly do not know how this has happened, it can't be five years since I gave birth... that was only a wee while ago, surely!


So this birthday eve, and New Year's eve has seen this mama, battling a heaving supermarket, after it was decided at the 11th hour to throw Rye a proper birthday part at a friend's house, tomorrow.  It's seen this mama tidying up, wrapping presents, rolling and decorating a beeswax birthday candle.
 Mustn't forget the glittery painted crown either, waiting for a 5yr old head.
 Notice the wee Lightening McQueen car... very chuffed with that, making such a small car out of beeswax was very fiddly.  I think a Car mad little boy will be pleased as punch.

Even more so when he see's this little lot:
Under the red silk is a sit on sand digger.  Really looking forward to seeing his face when he sees it.

And later at the party, among other foods, there will be star sandwiches:
But most importantly, a Rainbow, Pirate Snowman and Lighten McQueen cake......

And now one tired mama is gonna snooze on the sofa.
(Still quite a bit of party food to prepare, so need to be up early...hence sofa!)


Claire said...

Happy birthday Rye! Love the cake!

arwen_tiw said...

Oh mama, how quickly it goes. Happy happy days, Rye and mama. xxx

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Rye, and happy mothering day to you too:)

Becky said...

Wishing Rye a very happy birthday! I love the cake and balloons with sreamers :-)

Lou said...

Time passes so fast and it is hard to believe that our babies are already five! Have a wonderful day and New Year and birthday blessings to you both xx Lou

Woolly Wanderer said...

Joxy your birthday prep for Rye is just brilliant!! Hope he had a lovely day and that you are currently managing to catch up on some much needed sleep!!!

A Happy New Year to you both.

San and co xx

Lisa White said...

Happy new year to you all! I hope 2012 will be a good year for you and your family.

I have nominated you for a blog award. You will find it here:

Queenie24 said...

Party was brilliant, the kids had a whale of a time!