Thursday, 7 January 2010


It was the Cinderella Pantomine at the Lees Cliff Hall this evening, and oh, it was good.
Its an amateur production, and in some ways it did show, but nonetheless the cast and the children put on a fun filled fabulous show - and even when they lost the shoe, they improvised brilliantly.

Rye was enchanted, in part by the glitter ball and the bubbles; but also Cinderella's beautiful coach.  (The bear in the woods scared him a bit though)

We weren't allowed to take photos during the production, so this is just a quick snap at the end, really doens't do the carriage justice, it was brilliant.
 Walking back home after I asked the taxi driver to drop us off at the chippy.  Perfect end to a lovely evening... and yes we've had a bit more snow too.

I am so impressed with the Lees Cliff Hall too, so many people had cancelled because of the weather, they moved my party so we ended up with fabulous seats. 

Hehe, I think the adults enjoyed the pantomine more than the children. I think I have been to one before, as a kid, but I don't really recall it, so this felt like a first experience, and yeah, thoroughly enjoyed the show, and watching the children's faces and giggling at the truly UGLY sisters ;-)

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September said...

Awwww, so lucky - i LOVE pantomime and tried to book tickets this year but Hannah flatly refused to even entertain the idea :-(
Glad you both enjoyed it, and nice to see you have snow too :-)