Tuesday, 12 January 2010


Aye, that's me!
My charge's mum has given me written permission to use my slings with her daughter, and as I had the cheque for this week's childmindming to go in the bank I decided to try my charge out in the mei tai.

On the upside she seemed to really like it, and I got lots of smiles, on the downside, the snow and ice hadn't melted as much as I thought.  I got half way to the shops and turned back, it was just too trecherous.  Turned around, trudged back, gave the children a snack and then set out again, this time with the buggy.  I never thought I'd be grateful for a buggy - but I think I would have been on my bum a few times were I not pushing it - even with my big winter boots with excellent grip, I was slipping and sliding all over  the place.

Getting out of the house was needed.  C's chest is much much better and of course it much less cold.  Rye enjoyed running around, although he had an unsettled night last night, so he was a bit tired and did sit on the buggy board alot.  C just seemed to enjoy gazing at what snow was left. That fresh air worked it's magic too and my little miss crashed in Rye's room for a good 2 hours.  Took advantage and made a lovely fish pie - although she doesn't seem that fond of white fish - salmon yep, white fish no.  Rye I had treated to the last two brio bob the builder toys from our local toyshop - which has a reasonable selection of wooden toys, much to my delight - and because they were  the last two and discontinued the shopkeeper sold me the second for half price.  So Rye has had a lovely afternoon playing with those, and helping me in the kitchen.

I am soooooooooooooooooooo tired though.  Insomnia is dogging me at the moment; in part because my mattress is too firm, even for me, (normally sleep on top of my duvet, but brrrr too cold for that at the mo), and my pillows are in desperate need of changing.  I'm getting about 2-3 hours sleep and I'm starting to flag - which made going out today even more crucial.  Typcially, last night I fell asleep quite easily for a change and probalby would have had about 6 hours... 'cept my poor lad woke up needing the loo and insisted his nappy had to come off.  Then he spent an hour trying to have a poo and crying because it was hurting :-(  I felt so impotent, eventually I managed to coax him back to bed for cuddles and to warm up and he fell asleep.. only to wake again a wee bit later, although he was able to go this time, although boy, did he yell :-(  He's been a bit like that today too when going to the loo; but he has been able to go so I'mc onfident the mild constipation has passed.  He seems to understand my explanation that he's probably not drinking enough water, and he needs to drink more so it doens't hurt - and has drunk more water today and has even asked for more water - not something he would normally do - so fingers crossed the transition from drinking squash constantly to only having water, herbal teas and milk has been made and we won't be troubled by any more bouts of constipation.

Anyhoos, after C was collected I made myself clean the kitchen, mop the floor, tidy the lounge, sweep and mop in there too before coming upstairs (so tempted to leave it till the morning).  I am shattered and really, really hoping I can sleep tonight - and really really hoping the new mattress topper and pillows I order arrive tomorrow!

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