Monday, 29 March 2010

3rd time lucky.

The title refers to the cup of coffee I made at teatime and have heated 3 times since in an attempt to drink hot.  I've just accomplished it, 3 hours later!

You know, oddly the waldorf rhythms regarding housework is the bit that's really working for me at the moment.   The downstairs has remained very clean and tidy all week; there was a slight blip over the weekend owing to illness; although my bedroom received a much needed make over. 
The routine isn't rigid, however it is starting to look something like this:
  • Monday - Wash floors, laundry, bank, co-op, park to play.
  • Tuesday - Laundry, swimming, sweep landing and stairs.
  • Wednesday - Wash floors / Clean bathroom
  • Thursday - Toddler group / HE group 
  • Friday - Gardening (back)
  • Saturday -  Wash floors / Gardneing (front & drive)
  • Sunday:  Bedrooms (and bedding changed)
I now clean and wash up after each snack and meal.  I had been putting it all to one side and doing it all at the end of the day, or first thing in the morning if I was too tired.  It was such a chore; and washing up etc as I go along is working so much better.  Upon waking I have no sighy feelings knowing there is a ton of washing and cleaning waiting for me and last week most mornings I found time to bake muffins, shortbread and bread.

And yup I still have time do activities with the kids; it helps immensely that the children sleep a good while during the afternoon; allowing me time to get on with any housework chore that can't really be done when C is awake and around, or simply to sit down and enjoy some of my own crafting (and a cuppa!).

There is a bizzare side effect of this rhythm too - I find myself calmer, more present with the children and more creative in dealing with situations.  For example, I've been finding myself getting quite annoyed with Rye messing around at the table when we are eating and being stubborn about eating fruit.  Then I hit up on the idea of pretending to be an animal eating the fruit (or food) in question.  So the kids pretend to be monkeys when eating bananas, elephants when eating apple, (just go with it lol), ant eater when eating spaghetti etc... and it is working remarkably well and eating time is fun and enjoyable again.  I've noticed too that now I'm tidying up after meals etc; the children have also started tidying up their toys and both are putting books back on the bookshelf rather than just leaving them strewn over the floor.  With a small lounge it is really necessary that toys & books are put away when finished with and the upshot is the lounge as my home and childcare setting is working really well and it's a pleasure to be in there.

Right, time to get on with some Easter crochet and if not too tired after that; bit more on the crochet dress, which is coming together really lovely; would come along faster if the tension wasn't so tight and subsequently makes my hand ache - mind that is also down to years and years of working in an office; typing, note/minute taking etc.  Gosh, that seems a lifetime ago now, I do so much prefer my life now :-)

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Jax said...

Got part way through this post and it reminded me I have washing in the machine to sort. Thank you, will be back in a bit...