Monday, 5 April 2010

Faery Festival - Sunday.

Sadly, Feathers and Willow were flying back home Sunday so we didn't get chance to see them again.  It was so lovely to see in the flesh people we read about and "chat" with via online forums etc.  Rye had a fabulous time running around with the girls and did ask, as did Alice, where Feathers and Willow were.
One of the acts.  Some of the performers seemed to have a bit odd.  OK, I know it is a Faery Festival and we have people who really believe they are faeries - but a pagan band at  a Faery Festival playing the blues, really was bizarre.  Damh the Bard, (who actually played today, Monday), is fabulous, and if you get chance to hear him go for it!
Face painting..... hehehe and another Susumama outfit.  The lady who runs Susumama was at the festival with a stall and it was amusing that every day we went, she'd be saying, "I recognise that..."  lol.
I really like this photo too :-)  Two very special people.

Sadly, there's none of Rye because he wasn't feeling so well and spent much of the day on my back in the Mei Tai.

I even breastfed in public for the first time in, well, I can't remember how long..... lol, we were in a talk about leading a magical life and toward the end the speaker guided us all in a meditation.. Rye perked up and noticed everyone had their eyes' closed and said really loudly, "Wake up, Wake up!" and when Aunty J did not wake up, said with some concern, "J.. isn't waking up,"  lmao.  I left the talk quite promptly at that point.

(BTW, we attended a talk yesterday too; but had to leave because it was rather out there.. in fact it was out there and beyond!  A lady who believed she is the emissary to the human race from the faeries and who speaks in riddles and rhym.... although, she wasn't too keen on my son's inability to be silent and pretty much refused to talk until he was quiet; adding if he wasn't then he and I would have to leave... I was pretty suprised.. I've been going to the festival for a few years now and I've never had any of the speakers tell me I would have to leave if my child wasn't quiet... indeed usually, they are very welcoming of children.. and of course if they become toooooooooo disruptive then we, the parents, make the decision to leave so not to disturb everyone else... you know.. we show a bit of respect and commonsense?)

The plan for the evening was to get the kids in bed at a reasonable time and then we'd relax with a takeaway curry etc.  Plans went a little awry as both children developed temperatures and were not happy bunnies.  Later they perked up a bit though.  Ohhhh and much kudos to my local Indian Takeaway; the Prince of India, Colin queried if Sarah had asked what the Korma she had order was made with - some takeaways make it with almonds rather than coconut - and of course, when I called to check, it's the almond variety and the takeway was on the way... the lovely, lovely folks at the takeaway, made us a coconut type korma and added it to our order without charging us for it, while also leaving the almond one in too, plus they added free popadoms and included the Easter special rates!  And to boot, the curries were delicious! yum yum.

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