Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lyminge Forest.

Oh, what an adventure we had today.  First we got a bus to Lyminge, then we got another bus; after making it wait ten minutes while we had to fold up buggies, cart on the ridiculous amount of food etc we'd brought with us.. hehehe, speaking for myself, I went a bit overboard ;-).  The bus driver was lovely though, and even gave us hand.  Then we got off the bus, and spent a few minutes trying to decide which road to take at the crossroads because the signpost (a little tree) wasnt 100% clear as to which road to take.

Luckily, we choose the right one.  Then our friends met us.... oops after I remembered to text to say we had started walking slowly down the path in the trees and weren't at the carpark, (oops they pulled into the car park, couldn't see us so thought they had the wrong one initially).

And OMG, I have fallen in love with this place - I'll let the pictures tell the story - I took around 75 photos today.. I won't post them all (most are on my facebook though), but just a flavour of the utter wonderfulness of this fanastic ancient wood (although I think the bit we were in, is the new bit - still, gorgeous tho).

Rye and I went back to Jason's and Sarah's and Sarah tried out my Mei Tai :-)
 The Spring Season Table with the pine cones and bits of mossy wood etc from the forest.  I'm planning on making little pine people with Rye at some point.
A grand day.  Rye adore the male attention, adored riding his balance bike.  And wow that boy did well.  We arrived at the forest around 11am and we left at 3:30pm and he rode his bike pretty much constantly.  Had to stop him riding it back becaue the screws on the back wheel came loose and I didn't have the allen keys etc with me.  But Rye loved walking back, and after initital fear of Loki, the beautiful Siberian Husky, he became rather enamoured... and once back at Jason's & Sarah's he was even kissing the dog - on his bum lol.
Sarah and I walked to the chippy with the boys; and gosh that fish and chip supper tasted out of this world.  Chatted for a bit longer, then Jason kindly gave us a lift home.  It's only a ten minute walk really; but I confess after all the walking today; the lift home was most welcome.  Feet aching a tad.

And Rye, soon as his head hit the pillow he was asleep. :-)

I am so looking forward to going back to the forest soon. 


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Anonymous said...

Was so much fun, and yes am too a tad achey! Looking forward to going again soon x

Eoforhild said...

Very beautiful photos. It looks like an amazing place.

Funnily enough I saw an almost identical den at Rufford Park when we went a couple of weeks ago.