Sunday, 9 May 2010

A Docile Week.

A docile, verging on tranquil week, with garden play,
Chalk drawings, this one is of a fish - is it just me or is this very reminiscent of Dr Seuss?
A snowman in a storm
Updating our season table.  My charge did the painting we used to make the leaves and the caterpillar.
And Rye made this bird, (with help of course).
A beady eye may notice there is an extra figure on the season table. Rye and me played around at making a cone person.  We used green crepe paper for the cloak, a rolled piece of lambs wool for thehead and a piece red tissue paper for the hat - which is remarkably bishoplike lol.
Enjoying the sunshine; the wind is back and it's chilly again.
My boy has suddenly become a climber.  
This day is Thursday and we've just been to vote.
Over the weekend this is expanding and expanding as Rye takes advantage of no C to build and build.

And we've also enjoyed the company of friends and the children have played and giggled, and made lots of noise.  My new washing machine has been delivered, which I cannot yet use for lack of a spanner.  Rye's new wooden sandbox has arrived - much bigger than the previous plastic one - and hopefully will allow for much more harmonious sand play.

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Arlenkern74 said...

lovely , docile days are great !! love the bird Rye x