Thursday, 9 September 2010

All flavours of fabulousness :-)

Oh gosh, the past few days have been lovely.

Yesterday we played and played, and played, and fitted in a few stories, a dvd (Ponyo, is the latest favourite).  Then in the evening my friend's son popped around and babysat while I went over to Dover to meet up with the lovely Kent Pagans in the White Horse Inn.  Good company, great conversations, giggles, lovely cider, what more can a girl ask for, eh :-)  Thoroughly enjoyed myself.  And, a friend there gave me a large box of yarn.  When another friend and I arrived back at mine, we oohhhed and arred over the colours, and shamelessly indulged in a bit of yarn fondling.  Wonderful.  Definitely plenty of yarn and colours to make my own granny stripe blanket.  

And then today, woke up, got dressed, packed lunch, threw in water proofs in the bag and trundle down to todder group first thing.  Then afterwards we went onto Brockhill Country Park   I've yet to explore this park because Rye is enamoured with the adventure playpark there and I barely see him most of the day.  He either trundles back to where we are are sat, for a drink, or I wander down to check on him every now and again.  Ohhh and lots of foraging to be had:  elderberries, sloes, blackberries, plums, walnuts, haws etc  Looking forward to going back next week :-) 

We left just after 4pm to catch the train back; thankfully we arrived at the station and thus, shelter, just as th heavens opened and torrents of rain slapped into the pavement, quickly creating a large puddles.  Then the thunder and lightening started.  Rye was a little worried; but I explained the loud bangs and cracks of thunder are the Gods stamping on the clouds.  So, bless him, he shouted:  "OYE stop stamping."  And despite the waterproofs he still managed to get soaked.

On arrival home I discovered my Amazon orders have arrived.  The Belly Dancing DVD, and the Yoga Pretzel cards; they look fabulous and Rye seemed very interested, so I think it might be we'll do a mixture of both the yoga and Belly Dancing either at different times during the day or perhaps on different days?. And the hot glue gun I ordered arrived too, primarily bought because of various craft makes I have in mind, in which the hot glue gun will make sticking easier. 

And that to do list:  well some progress.  The crochet circlet for my mindee's birthday on Saturday, will be finished tonight.  The gnome hats are slow progress simply because of the fun Rye and I are having together, and the paintings haven't been touched.  So I think I'll concentrate on the gnome hats as I really could do with getting those completed by Sunday; and tomorrow my mindee is with me for the day, and the Saturday afternoon it's her birthday party, to which we've been invited.  So, not a lot of time to do much else on the list really. 

The commissioned paintings/drawings I'll add onto next week's to do list.   Until now I've always waited until Rye was in bed or at his dad's to paint - he's at the age now where I can paint around him much easier, and our "main lesson" most afternoons is a craft/art based project, so I can do my painting alongside him modelling, doing his own paintings etc.  I rather suspect he'll enjoy me doing that, as he does so love to be drawing together.

Tonight though, I shall take my weary legs up to bed, pop the film, that the postman dropped through my letter box, on and blissfully have some hooky time while watching Julie and Julia.


arwen_tiw said...

Yippee, lovely newness! Ponyo is one of our recent favorites too - though taken over this week by My Neighbour Totoro which arrived from Amazon on Monday. :)

Jacqui said...

Sounds like a nice day Jacq - we got that heavy rainstorm about an hour earlier, but no thunder. xx