Thursday, 30 September 2010


Dear me, my addiction to FB was deeper than I realised.  I opened the laptop this morning to check updates before remembering I'd cancelled my account.  So I checked my email, quick nosy at blogs and then, well felt a bit lost.

Life soon took over though.  Beautiful day, sunny and crisp, so down to Toddler group first thing and then into town for a few bits and bats... and oh dear, a trip to the yarn shop.  Hmm, still an addiction to yarn is healthier than FB, isn't it?  I did only buy 3 balls of yarn:
Oh and the pins too.  In fact the pins cost more than the yarn!  (£3.60).

And look at me, I even bought myself a few more clothes and a pair of faux walking boots - those are for the winter and bought with the next Green Parent meet, in the Forest of Dean in November, in mind.

We popped into the secondhand book store,which also sells second hand toys and I saw some lovely wooden threading beads.  Turned around and Rye was looking at me hopefully, and stood beside this:
 How is a mama suppose to refuse?  OK, honestly, I nearly did as it was £15, which I thought for a secondhand scooter was a bit pricey; there again it is sturdy and well, Rye just looked so hopeful, with a tinge of "she'll say no" about him, and that made me feel a bit sad.   I have been saying "no" a fair bit recently, something to be mindful of, definitely.  Perhaps I'll ban myself from saying the word for the rest of the week - I think sometimes "no" can become an automatic response, and, I feel, denying a request or a want ought to be subject to some scrutiny.
He made me a beautiful necklace from the beads, which are wooden leaves, flowers, suns, coloured round beads etc.  That boy of mine, has excellent fine motor skills :-) 


Valerie said...

I used to say 'I will think about it' quite a lot when my older 2 were little. It wasnt until Christopher whined 'That always means no' that I realised I was trying to wriggle out of saying no lol. I then had to say 'I will think about it' and then say yes quite a few times to even up the balance. I am a big pushover and saying no to pleading little shiney faces is REALLY difficult. Even Oscar at 19 months has started to say 'peeeeese mummy' I am done for haha. Have a good day honey. xxx

Becky said...

Oh, mine always grin when I say 'I'll think about it' - apparently it always means yes!! LOL (no will power)

Joxy, I was just wondering where you were on FB and funnily enough I was also just thinking about coming off FB. In fact, I was seriously considering whether my life would be improved by going totally off-line (bar weekly email checks and blog updates at the library - no willpower (see above)).

I am thinking about going low-tech and seeing how I go. Main probs - all home ed group business is online, banking online, write 3 blogs!! But I'm sick of life being dominated by technology. email on phone when away from home, mobile constantly at side, online for a good couple of hours a day, and then watching telly cos I'm too knackered to do anything else. Then, ironically - I feel I have no free time!!!

God, sorry, practically wrote a blog post in reply to your blog post!!!! Are you still on GP?


Becky said...

I've done it Joxy! I've told everyone I'm leaving FB!!! You've inspired me to leave!! Eeek. I've just put up a message with my alternative contact details on for 24 hrs then I'm deleting my account.

Is there anything I can do to help the withdrawal symptoms?? ;-)

The Blue Faerie said...

I know the feeling of yarn addictions. My computer room has turned into a literal graveyard of yarn bits, stuffing and crochet hooks! :P