Monday, 4 October 2010


....................... and sit down.

Phew a long, long day.  It began at around 4:30am this morning when Rye woke from a bad dream about birds.  I couldn't get a lot of sense out of him, only he was scared to lie back down.  I had to put the light on in the end, which ended me being able to sleep; but at least he was able to sleep for a few hours longer.  

I lay there watching him sleep before eventually I had to get up at 5:30ish to prepare for the new child coming at 7am.  Hehehe, and ok, give me enough time to sit and have a coffee before my day began.

The new little boy, "A" is a delight.  He was a wee bit upset when his mum left, but was immediately distracted by me reading Chuggington books to him, and then after that he was perfectly fine and played along side Rye beautifully.  Rye has taken a real shine to the little lad, and vice versa it seems; cuddling up on the sofa, when we popped out this afternoon to the park, they held hands while we walked there.  Too cute.

My other mindee, "C" isn't with me today, she's been ill, so mum kept her at home, which worked out rather for the new child.  He is a such a lovely calm soul; and seems to have had a calming effect on Rye too - whereas "C" and Rye make each other manic, it will be interesting to see what the dynamic will be when "C" returns tomorrow.  

Hehe, mum has asked me restrict A's nap to an hour, well, easier said than done.  That little boy did not want to wake up and fell asleep on me when I brought him downstairs.  I confess it was rather nice to cuddle such a wee one again... well he's not that wee, he's quite a sturdy lad, he has that delicious baby fat folds on his legs, and his arms are plump.. gosh he's gorgeous.    I had him asleep on my chest, and Rye snuggled into my side - I confess I was in baby heaven :-)  After hour an hour though, I woke them both up and we went down to the park. 

There was a lady there from my Thursday toddler group, who, happily, has told me about another toddler group on a Monday, which will fit in brilliant with our Monday morning of popping to the bank, library etc.  And then my friend and her twin boys arrived.  Well, the gaggle of boys had a marvelous time, running around, my friend started something by running with the boys, so of course, I had to join in - amazingly I managed a few circuits. :-)  And then time to come back home.

A, bless him, looked absolutely shattered, yet he walked back without complaint and even excitedly pointed out birds to me. :-)   We were just having some tea when his mum turned up.  She was a bit early, but her husband was stuck somewhere and unable to pick up their other son from after school club, so she'd left work early to pick her eldest son up. 

So yes, a very successful first day :-)

And further excitment for Rye and myself, as Roof's season swap gift arrived this morning.  Beautiful felt dolls, which Rye immediately appropriated.  I did manage to retrieve the dolls and place them on the season table when he had his nap - and I meant to take a photo before I sat down.. alas, I've sat and I'm just too weary to get back up at the mo. 

So the only photo I have to share today is this one of Rye in town with me and A, this morning, jumping in puddles.  Nope sorry, no photo, the new loader is absolute pants and is just not loading up the photo.  GAH, I really am not impressed with the damn thing, it's a pile of rubbish!


Dawn said...

Glad all went so well, hope you got some rest ahead of another busy day, good luck and enjoy having 3 little ones xx

Roof said...

Ohhh - I know what you mean about cuddling up a smaller boy than your own - makes me v sentimental about my boys' littler-ness!
And a bit jealous of the lovely gaggle of boys in the park - Noah would love a bit more (especially older) male company.
Hope you have caught up on some sleep now.....xx