Sunday, 27 March 2011

More Crochet.

And a sneaky preview :-)

 I'm very into headbands and scarfs these days, well my hair is boring and grey/silver now (with dyed blond ends, sigh) so I wear it up a lot and like to add colour with crochet as I've decided to accept the grey and not dye anymore.  Really love this and plan to make many more, the soya cotton (the liliac) and the linen (purple) drape beautifully and are sooooooo soft.  The only problem is it does slide off my head, so I'm having to keep it in place with clip.  I've tried experiementing with liquid latex that you use for slipper socks, and it helps but being that I'm allergic to latex, I eventually start to feel like someone has set fire to my head (Latex, if I wear it long enough, burns me - or at least that is what it looks like).  I'm wondering if sewing in some elastic would help?  Any ideas?
 A hoodie for Rye, from Crochet Kid Stuff.  Lovely makes in this book, which was given to me by my new friend Izzy.  Another crochet fiend.    And enabler of yarn buying!  Went shopping with her, and ended up spending over £40 on yarn!
 This is the book, the crochet terms are American, but that has never bothered me much... and the pattern, so far, seems very easy to understand.  I do sometimes have head scratching moments with US patterns as some things are phrased differently to how it would be in the UK.
 This is the actual jumper - I've changed it slightly, the pattern calls for aran weight yarn, I've bought DK, so I've just adjusted the gauge for DK.  Maths isn't my strong point, so it will be interesting to see if this works.
 Ahhhh some of the yarn my enabler encouraged me to buy.  This stuff is really quite good value and feels lovely, its 100g of cotton in some lovely colours and from my LYS cost £3.50 - yes for 100g!  Mind, I found it for just over £3. online last night!  I have plans for this yarn, but I can't say much just yet...soon, fingers crossed.

 Ahhhh one of the many flowers I've been crocheting, again there are plans afoot.  For me this time.  I have some items of clothing that have seen better days, so I'm attempting a facelift; first for a skirt I love that has definitely seen better days.  I rather suspect the skirt will be a riot of colour and totally over the top, but hey, I love colour and over the top :-)
 And a sneaky preview... this blanket is almost finished, and is utterly gorgeous and I love it so much.  I really did think I'd get bored and quit half way through... but the striping is oddly addictive and it is mindless crochet, I can do it watching DVDs, reading, evening half snoozing lol.  I had hoped to have it finished by now, but there have been long periods when I've not had chance to work on it - and certianly lately I've been so tired by the evening I've been dropping into bed and going to sleep, so no hooky time.
So, so, so gorgeous.  I am looking forward to revealing all soon.  Mind, I confess I am dreading the edge.  I kinda wanna do a large edging, but this is a big, big blanket and I'm not sure I have the staying power for that.. we'll see. 

Ooooh and my enabler, also encouraged me to buy some gorgeous Twilleys Freedom Spirit 100% yarn.  Sorry I don't have a photo at the mo, it was on special offer, 10 balls for £20.  I had to have it.  I'm very tempted to nip back to my LYS and buy the other colour too, and of course some more of that gorgeous cotton.... well for the plan I need more colours!

Definitely need to buy some shelves for my room to house all this yarn!


mummybear said...

That blanket.... My Oh My it's gorgeous!!!!!

Joxy said...

Cheers, I am inordinately chuffed to bits with it!

arwen_tiw said...

Serious Blanket Envy!!

Michelle said...

I love the blanket and your headscarf is brilliant. If you ever make any to sell, let me know as I'd certainly buy one. It's give me a bit of a kick to learn crochet.

Joxy said...

:) I do love crocheting, in fact its taking over from painting which use to be something I adored, but these days, I find it a bit of a chore, I suppose because its not as portable or kiddy friendly as crochet and I just don't have the time to submerge myself in the paint.

Eoforhild said...

Such lovely colours.

I second the query about making head scarfs to sell. I'd love one or two of those.