Thursday, 7 April 2011

Yarn addiction and playdough.

Hmmm, I had an urge to clean and tidy; and in the process I decided to rearrange my bedroom shelves so I could see better my yarn stash.... um, I have more yarn that I realised - and this does not include the large box full in the wardrobe of odds and ends left over from projects or picked up from charity shops.
There is also yarn on top of the shelf:
and on the other side my crochet thread for lace making (no photo); and you know what I'm itching to buy more cotton and I am very very tempted by and Debbie Bliss Andres blend, that Lucy over on Attic 24 used to make her Japanese Flower shawl.  There are, however, worst things I could be spending my pennies on, and it makes me happy, so I am quite comfortable with my addiction, thank you :-)

Oooh and the end of April/beginning of May I am going to Scotland, camping, to celebrate Beltane with other lovely pagan friends.... so in anticipation of it been rather cold at night I've hooked myself a pair of bedsocks:
And they are a bit lovely and warm, however these can only be bedsocks cos the stitch pattern I've used, gives me a slight burning sensation on the sole of my feet when I walk around in them.. still they do what they were suppose to, so I'm happy.  I'm assuming I need to use a sock yarn next time if I want to make a pair that are for everyday use.

And Rye has been craftin away too, lots of sticking and glueing, and as it was rainy and yuck the other day I made play dough:
In the microwave - so easy!  I used the recipe from this blog; there are a dizzying array of recipes, not entirely sure I see the point of peanut butter playdough..but hey that's maybe just me :-)  Anyhoos, the playdough has gone down a storm:
Rye loves playing with it, and my friend's kids do too, which is handy when they are all in my house (being that it's tiny), and we can get them interested in that and the house doesn't suddenly seem to be size of a postage stamp lol.  Oh, I do love having them over too, and it's fabulous for Rye - that socialisation - dontcha know! 


Dawn said...

Your yarn stash picture looks familiar ;) Hard to resist such loveliness though.

Ashleigh said...

Ha! That's nothing! You should see how much I have, and that's just in my room, and then there's the stuff in Derby at my folk's house, and the stuff in the storage locker... yeah, I don't think you need to feel too guilty!