Monday, 9 May 2011


It's seeping back slowly.
Today was a work day.  My mindee arrived at 8:30 and Rye surfaced from his pit not long after.
The day has been a whirl of snack/meal prep, eating said snacks and meals, circle time, going down to the shops to pay in my fees to the bank, have a mooch, stop at the park, see a friend there, so stay longer than planned.  Mooch back to discover mindee has fallen asleep in the buggy - pop her in the shade and lightly cover with a blanket.  Rye falling asleep also, beside me on the sofa, (we'll skip over the accident that meant a change of clothes for us both - sigh), and me being able to start on some accountancy stuff for my business.  I'm woefully behind on my accounts.  Eeep.

Lost track of time and before I knew it, it was 5pm!  Mindee was picked up just before half five.. natter with her mum for a wee while, and then tea for Rye and myself, and then he played with the traintracks while I continued with work for my business, punctuated with "I"  from Rye, and driving me just a tad batty.

The boy has eaten me out of house and home already, and I did a big shop on Friday!  I assume we're about to have yet another growth spurt; he is getting a bit of a tum on him.

There is one habit I would like to get back into, and that's snapping photos of Rye - I often forget these days and while it's nice to be present with him - I do like having pictorial snapshot remainders of our time together. 


Talie said...

Hi Hun, I've only just caught up with everything! So sorry to hear your sad news. Sending lots of love xxxxx

Merry said...

I was hoping you might join in the day in a life of a home edder carnival on my blog

it has been a bit of a feature of the blogring for a few years now :)