Friday, 1 July 2011

Water Fountain.

As part of the Triennial, a water feature has been added to the harbour.  Today was also the start of the Green Festival, so after picking mindie up from nursery, we caught a bus into town and slowly meandered down to the harbour.   Wow, the water feature didn't disappoint!  Rye had a whale of a time. 

Bless him, he got so cold he was shivering, but he kept insisting he still wanted to play.  In the end though, I decided it was time to get dried and pop on nice dry clothes... plus I realised it was after 4pm!!  We'd been down there a good couple of hours!
Rye all dried, sitting on one of the spheres at the bottom of the Artist Quarter.

A really fun day.  I'm seriously considering taking Rye back down tomorrow after mindie is picked up at lunch time.

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