Tuesday, 1 June 2010

GP Mama Meet.

Gosh, what can I say? We had a marvelous time. Rye laughed, ran about like a looney, had 2 goes on the zip wire, thanks to Rachel and Ian, played in the rain, went to bed far, far too late and played with fire. Pretty successful weekend for a 3 1/2 year old :-)

Actually, I must firstly, thank Rachel, Ian and Jennifer for a wonderful weekend. Rachel and Jennifer did a bang up job organising it all, and were up each morning to cook porriage and get out breakfast things for the rest of us lugabugs :-) And, Ian for letting us take over the centre and cause chaos.

But anyway, the photos :-) I took over 70 photos, so I'm only going to show a selection, otherwise I'd be here all day lol.

On the train to Lydney.  We saw Sky_Curl and her family on the train and sat together for most of it.  The kids drawing happily.
Playing with clay - we were suppose to be making candle holders, Rye just liked bashing the clay into the table.
The wet felting table.
Playing out in the rain with someone's umbrella was more fun, tho.
Our walk on Saturday.  Rye wasn't too keen on meeting the horses and stayed well back.
Playing in very muddy puddles.  Rye's wellie's were full of water and mud by the time we moved on..which he believed entitled him to being carried back to the Centre - ouch, my poor knee!  lol.
Rye desperate to have a go on the zipwire, and me quietly freaking out at the idea of it.
This is the second time he went down the zipwire, this time with Ian.  He went down the first time with Rachel, while I stood at the otherside, quietly having a heart attack and fighting back stupid tears that threatened at the sight of my baby, confidently climbing a rather big ladder, I thought, and then whizzing down what look really quite flimsy, (obviously, it's not, all perfectly safe) wire to the other end, dangling mid air and then gentle being lowered to the ground.  He spent the rest of the day asking to go back on this.  I think I might have a daredevil for a son!
Playing with Jake on the "swing".  I'm not entirely sure what this is, something to do with the terrifying climbing wires etc that are very high above this. 
Sensible mamas sitting and enjoying the forest and sun, rather than dangling midair from zip wires, or climbing crazily high walls, poles etc.  ((shudder))
The BBQ on Sunday evening.  Men making fire... well, actually, sorry fellas - making a pigs ear of making fire and having to nick embers from Aisling's lad's camp fire that was blazing away merrily.

The canoe made a very popular "toy" for all the kids.
Jake and Rye, in the flesh, do not look that much alike - although they could pass for brothers and have some similar mannerism :-)
Playing with fire.  This took a great deal of self control - on my part - not to screech at Rye to get away from the fire!
Monday at the pub for lunch.  The parasols made great twirling tops!


Scatty Dolly said...

Looks fabulous! So glad you had a good time Joxy :) x

Charlie said...

great pics! and wow to you having the energy to blog them already! Shall hopefullly have ours up later today! We had a great weekend and it was lovely meeting you and Rye!

nocton4 said...

great photos, great times xx

Sarah said...

looks wonderful jaqui !! looks absolutly wonderful x x x

Claire said...

It was wonderful wasn't it, I don't think anyone wanted to leave!

Joxy said...

Oh, yes it was fabulous. It was so nice to be around lots of other people with similar parenting styles, the utter lack of self consciousness for breastfeeding - all the baby wearing and kiddies just running free range. Marvelous.

If I could transport my bed there, I'd never leave! lol.

Crystalrainbow said...

Cool :) sounds like you had a great time :) lovely pics ty x x x

Dawn said...

Looks like a great time was had by all.x

LesleyA said...

Looks fun! :~)

Squee said...

Wow, it looks like you had a fantastic time. I want to play in the trees!


Lima said...

Wow! What a fab time! I'm so envious!!