Friday, 17 February 2012


Oooh the postie bore lots and lots of goodies today:

The splurge!  
The variagated yarn, bottom left I actually bought the other day
I have four hanks of that, or maybe five.  Can't quite remember now.
There's Araucania azapa yarn in blue and pink (bought 2 hanks of each, already used one hank of the pink)
I bought a hank of sari ribbon, and then the various colours you can see of mirasol Sawya.
A gorgous blend of cotton, alpaca and silk.
And the nostepinne, which I love, love, love.
 I will have to check but I think I've just made a bo bo, buying this magazine
I may actually have the digital subscripiton....oops
 This is the Knitglobal yarn I bought the other day, it's a 4ply sock yarn, although
I'm using it for the CAL I'm doing.  The colours make my heart do a happy skip 
every time I look at it.

 The postie also bought the book I bought off another home educator.
There were also playsilks from Emi.  Thank you my dear, they are perfect, 
and gosh the size is great! (I'll get photos of them later)
My very first go at winding a ball of yarn with the nostepinne.
Finished, a lovely ball of centre pull yarn.  Oooh this makes me soooooooooooooo giddy!

Today has been near on perfect for me.
We went to a friend's house around lunchtime.
The children had a terrific time, racing around playing, and while they did that, 
my friend and I nattered, drank tea and crocheted.
Her daughter asked for a hat, and so I decide to use the araucania yarn in pinks and soft lilacs. 
I used the thistle stitch to create a square hate, which is so incredibly warm and snuggly.

Oooh and that nostepinne, it's wonderful.  I've been considering a ball winder and swift for a while
and while I can be rather extravagant when it comes to yarn, I was finding it difficult
to justify the cost of swift and ball winder; not when I don't dye my own yarn.  
Plus considerations of where I'd put the swift and winder to use it etc
The nostepinne is the perfect solution for me
and I do love the feel of the yarn slipping through my fingers as I wind it around the nostepinne.

Mmm, I am in a very happy place at the moment :-)


Dawn said...

You're excitid about the nostepinne I think ;-)
I use one a fair bit for small amounts, although I have a ball winder for the rest - was only £2 second hand so a bargain.

Some lovely yarn there.

arwen_tiw said...

Lovely lovely lovely yarn!

Crystalrainbow said...

oooh its wonderful such simple things can make a girl happy :) its wonderful to feel such excitement like christmas all over again :) hows the weight going?

Joxy said...

Ta, ladies :-)

For now a nostepinne suffices, and I'm enjoying the process of hand winding.

Had a minor blip Crystalrainbow, although I've lost just over 2stones now. Hit a bit of a "can't be arsed" hill, in part because the house is a tip again and I'm fed up of tidying up, only for it to be a pigsty within a day or two again, which has affected our mealtimes too, and so we're either having wraps/sandwiches or porridge or I'm ordering takeaway. Not good at all. So plans afoot to get the healthy mojo back.