Saturday, 18 February 2012

Persephone Shawl CAL

Oooh, this yarn is so yummy, the colours are glorious.  I might have to keep this one for myself.  The pattern is really lovely, although it is a tad confusing in the way it's written, so perhaps not a good one for novice hookers.

And admittedly, the varigated yarn, (Knitglobal 4ply sock yarn) beautiful as it is, is not a good choice for this stitch pattern, which is a really pretty lacy effect, the colour varigation hides the effect though.  I'll be hooking this again in a solid colour, and it is that shawl I'll pop to one side to give as a gift to someone.

Anyhoos, would you like a peek at how much I've managed to get done today?    Yes :-) 

Ok then, I am very pleased with this, and looking forward to having such a pretty coloured shawl/scarf.

Varigated yarns do not always hook up well, this one however is lovely, and I'm really pleased with the distribution of the colours.  So pretty.  Oooooh, I so love it!  :D

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arwen_tiw said...

Oh My Goodness, I love those colours so much! It'll really suit you. :)