Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Easy Valentine Craft.

Simple, yet engaging.  Both my 5yr old and my 3yr old minded child were enthralled for about half hour, just enough time to sort out tea :-)

All you need is:

Beads (I used a tub of children's plastic beads I bought off ebay)
Pipecleaners (I used thin pipecleaners)

And that's it.

 Doesn't even have to be a table activity :-)
 And the little hearts do look so pretty on our season table "tree".


Rose said...

Joxy these are fab! I will be trying this out with my kids tomorrow ... couldn't find the perfect moment or idea to craft with them today ... stitching felt hearts was the best I could conjure but their attentions were too wayward and short for that! x

Joxy said...

I was suprised how much both kids really enjoyed making these. Rye has made 6 now. I confess though I wanted an activity that was easy to set up, did not need me to be too involved and was not messy... this fitted the bill :D And there was no fighting either! Yay!!!

Roof said...

Corrr - those are lovely! Great idea too - my rascals would love it!Might get them making other shapes now we're past VD... x

Susie said...

Those are fab! I might have to borrow that idea for the homeschool group :-)