Thursday, 17 April 2014

Soleful Hooky

I love the crocodile stitch booties by Bonita Patterns, just one wee thing, the upper part of the bootie is luscious, thick and warm, but the sole is just double crochet, so feels very thin compared to chunkyness of the rest.

I pondered this, several solutions came to mind;

  1. Sew two soles together to create double thickness
  2. Change the pattern slightly and use a technique that produces a double thickness, and very sturdy sole, though very yarn hungry, or...
  3. A leather sole.
Now, I live in a wonderful community, a mutual cooperative house; and the ethos of the house is social change and veganism. While not vegan myself, by nature of the house I eat mostly vegetarian/vegan. I support the premise that animals should not suffer and be exploited, especially in this day and age, when humans have access to leather didn't sit right with me...

So I searched and hey presto, faux leather. I'm really excited, the faux leather sole will means the booties are non slip, and wearable outside, when dry, of course.

So currently, I have one sole cut out, with holes punched, so I can hook the sole to the bootie. I've used the super dooper E6000 glue to attach the sole, and add a bit extra attachment to the bootie.

Now then, this is where you can help me, I need someone with a toddler to road test these booties for me. If interested leave me a comment.

The booties are 15cm long (heel to toe), and quite wide.

Please note, these booties are not vegan, as the yarn is a wool blend.

Mind bend? As I said, I'm not vegan, so yes I use wool, although I try to source ethical wools, where the animals are treated well, and also co-ops and fair trade yarns where the workers are paid a fair wage. As for the house philisophy, communal areas are vegan, so while I wouldn't run a wool felting workshop in the house, I do run crochet workshops using non wool yarns, and do have a range of vegan friendly yarns. My personal view is one of seeking balance.


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