Saturday, 5 July 2014

Hooky Delights Discount

July tends to be when I start thinking about certain winter festivals, decorations and gifts. It's the nature of hand made, it takes a while to create beautiful crochet, so the "C" word order books all over the hand made community are beginning to creak open... Sorry.

To ease the pain I'm offering 10% discount on everything in my Etsy shop with the code July10. This is good for commissions too - and of course, what you order/buy does not have to be winter festivally.

I will also be begin crocheting gifts for friends and family. I feel Rye needs this doll... (By Erin Druschel)

And quite possibly this.

This fab design is by Vilma Ilona.
This fab design is by Vilma Ilona. Ok the Sherlock might maybe, be for me. I don't often crochet just for me anymore...

Hey, if you could have anything crocheted, what would it be?




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