Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Finally feels summery here in Liverpool. There really is quite a difference in temp between the South East of England, and North West. The evening still feels a bit chilly to me...all very bemusing as I am a northerner, albeitly one that's acclimatised to southern climes. Brrrrrr.

I feel an urgency to enjoy summery weather, it wasn't so imperative in Folkestone - the weather was invariably sunny or at least dry..cor the NW gets a lot of rain! Two extremes, lived in the warmest/driest part of England, and now in the wettest.

Anyway, enjoying sunshine (or dry but humid);

Lots of bike riding, most evenings he goes for a ride with his friends, and sometimes we go together. The bike is definitely a big hit.

Last week, we went wild swimming in a lake in Delamere Forest. I nearly expired on the walk to the lake - much further than anticipated, hot, humid and sandels that attracted grit and stones in them. It was a relief to get in the water when we eventually got there (1hr later), once over the shock of cold water it felt rather warm. Rye managed waist height before running back to the grass and grabbing his towel. Mind, he's lost the puppy fat and is now tall and lanky, he feels the cold. Will have to keep my eye open for a wet suit for him.

There was a festival at the local park at the weekend, the parade and music was fun though I spent most of it looking for Rye, who'd gone with his friends. We were suppose to meet up, but by the time I'd walked round most of the festival area, I was hot, it was terribly humid and I was beginning to feel rather grumpy. Mind, by that time the park had filled up and become very crowded, so it was a relief to go home - where, of course, my son was.

There's also been trips to the park and tree climbing

Yes, they are at the top of a tree. (It's not terribly high tho).

Inbetween the trips, bike rides, mysterious evenings/nights of flash high temperatures and feeling unwell, and racing around like a loon with his house friends Rye has also been reading to me. He's not quite an independent reader, but he is becoming more confident. And when not doing home eddy stuff (shhh, I know terrible English), I have been busy with orders.

The bag is finished minus weaving in ends.

The house I've started to add the flowers. I'll post more photos after it's being sent to the customer.

It takes a lot of work to make these little houses, but oh, it's so worth it. Here, I'm stretching the walls after felting the wool. This time I decided to use wool to overlay crochet the vines, I much prefer the effect.

Anyway, bedtime. Dependent on a few factors, I'm hopefully taking Rye to the beach tomorrow, it will be physically challenging for me, beauty sleep an absolute necessity!


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