Thursday, 18 June 2015


So, the laptop sits useless while I faff, really must send it back before the warranty runs out. Upshot, blogging grounded to a halt. I reckon a bit of a catch up is in order, let's see:

M came to visit end of February, a particularly fun day was the day we went to the Maritime museum down at the docks. The Titanic exhibition is excellent, all the kids enjoyed it, and Rye has since announced he's going to be a deep sea diver/explorer when he's grown up and bring the rest of the Titanic up, then he'll become an Astronought.

This is the docks, and the strange looking building over there is the Museum of Liverpool. Rye and me have only just finished exploring the World Museum, and there's still things to see and do, thus we have been once to the Museum of Liverpool and seen a tiny, tiny fraction of it. We plan to remedy this.

M's visit sadly, ended on a low note, the children came down with a sickness bug, and so we quarantined ourselves in my flat, 2 adults and 4 children in my small flat - we were soon driving each other crackers, and a couple of the kids made a break for it a couple of times and had to be brought back in from the garden.

March, crocheted, attended home ed activities, and of course we had a fire for the Equinox, upon which I poured magic, turning the flames turquoise and green.

I cut Rye's hair:

Ooh we went to see Avengers, Age of Ultron at the IMAX cinema. Wow, and Oooh queasy. Too much, I'll stick with normal screens I think.

Afterwards we had ate out, and Rye was given a balloon.

Lots more crochet, exploring, I have started a science club, which is going well.

I bought some water beads that proved an instant hit with Rye and his RH friends.

Ooh working on a collaborative blanket for a 3yr old, which I must finish - I got busy with commissions and had to put it to one side. I've just got the ribbons to add now.

Summer in the parks has begun, with the various fairs and events. This was the Victorian fair, which Rye and the RH kids enjoyed. And a wonderful warm day after the long cold and wet stretch of weather we had.

Rye had his friend over for a sleep over, so naturally I made an indulgent breakfast: pineapple pancakes with chocolate sauce.

The weather sadly returned to wet and cold, still it didn't stop us having a grand time at Sefton Park with our RH friends.

Another birthday has come and gone for me. Lovely few days, out for lunch with Rye, then celebrating later with my housemates, followed by a BBQ at the weekend.

Lunch was lovely, we took a leisurely bike ride over to Lark Lane, and we decided to eat at the Moon and Pea. Gosh, it was tasty! I had Caesar salad, which was scrumptious, and Rye had banana and maple syrup pancakes. Dessert wasn't as great, though Rye certainly was impressed with his banana split, ( tho it was only banana with squirty cream chocolate sprinkles and caramel sauce drizzled over), my carrot cake was sickly, the cream cheese that horrid fake, too sweet, coats your mouth in fat, type frosting. Despite dessert deficiencies, the Moon and Peas has become our favourite cafe. It was so much fun to eat lunch, while sitting on a comfy sofa, and playing Guess Who.

Birthday BBQ - housemates deciding to stack logs - no idea why. Mind pity I didn't get photos of them then trying to stand on a log, then adding another log without getting off...hilarious, particularly as Adel was doing really well, but then one of the children came over and pretended to push him, Adel lost concentration and failed his attempt.

Oh, I've also been making these beautiful lilies, these ones are for a hand fasting, I've since made a few more, just so pretty. I started off following a pattern, but it was fidly, so I ended up designing my own.

Life at RH is busy, I now run an Art & Craft club, the first one was yesterday, as well as Science club, and one of my housemates is a yoga teacher, so she's now teaching family yoga to home ed families, as well as teaching adult yoga on other evenings. I've been partaking of the yoga, oh my world, my front thigh muscles and abdominal muscles - ouch!! Rediscovering muscles apart, it has been lovely to have the yoga in the garden, and afterwards sit around chilling.

Rye has joined Cubs, and is loving it, last night was his second time. First time I went with Anstey and her kids, luckily Rye and T could join in that evening, so we sat in a park and waited for them, hehe, and her eldest got stuck in the baby swings - of course we didn't mock...much.

I saw a friend post a fab photo, on Instagram, that looked dinosuars were in her living room being fed by her son; naturally I had to find the app. I found 2, one makes it look like dinosaurs are moving around you, when you look through the camera app, the next lets one impose dinosaurs into a photo... Well how could I resist:

Dinosaurs even in our house meeting:

And Rye's room is awash with them!

And of course, more hooking - with dinos too!

Despite the distraction, I did manage to complete a wedding gift commission, a wall hanging:

Liverpudlians familiar with the gates to Princes Park will recognise the central motif. The piece is based on the gates, with the added elements of using the colours of a local suffragette, and the namesake of our house, plus adding in flora, and as the bride is facing some difficult challenges, I wanted the piece to be meditative and peaceful.

And, once the flat is tidy I will be hooking this cute dragon


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