Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Fourth week of the new studying structure.  Wow.

Today we started a wee bit later than normal, so his studies continued after lunch:

Taken the rubbish bags down to the bins.

Completed 2 pages of his handwriting book.

Collected wood for the fire.

Read "Dragon Danger" to me and answered the comprehension questions correctly.

Copy work based on "Dragon Danger" and drawn a picture to accompany his writing.

Completed a math lesson on comparing and ordering numbers.


Completed 3 pages from his maths practise book, based on today's lesson.

15 minutes break, playing with his zoobs, having a drink.

Finish last 2 pages of his maths practise. (I wrote the answers for him, as his handwriting was deteriorating rapidly)

Read the next part of the chapter on Egyptians from Story of the World, Vol 1.  Rye answers the comprehension questions on the chapter, and narrates the main facts, which I write down for him. 

While Rye colours in Orsis, I read a chapter from The Awesome Egyptians (he attempted to read some himself)

Read together Children's Ancient World Together.  He is particularly interested in the various Gods and Goddesses.  So will explore that more next time we study History.


Study time over, Rye continued to look at the book, seems to have captured his imagination.  Eventually I suggest he go play with friends, he's not fussed and instead asks if he could spend some time on the Ipad as it's raining and really cold, so he doesn't fancy going outside.
Fair enough. 

Tuesdays the co-op has a house meeting, so while I'm engaged there, Rye has the choice of playing on the computer or I'll set up the projector and he can watch whatever he wants from Netflix's Kids.

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